Brand Identity – How to get Noticed

Most people can understand the point and the value of having a brand which is easily recognisable by name and by logo. However, less people are sure of the importance of building up a brand identity. Your brand identity is the image of your brand created in a consumer’s head when they think about your company’s name, logo, communication style, colours and symbol all in tandem together.

Why is this important? Quite simply because the image which appears in the consumer’s head is likely to inform how they perceive your company. Depending on what your product is and who you are marketing it to, this will in turn affect their decision to buy from your company. This is why some businesses sometimes undergo rebrands of their products – if they feel that the identity of their brand is not as positive or exciting as it could be, then they might decide to change the branding in order to better appeal to their audience.

Do how exactly do you create and market your brand identity? We’ve taken our advice from the most successful marketing experts in order to help you with creating and maintaining a brand identity which optimises your business and your customer relations.

To begin with, you need to work out exactly what message and impression you are hoping to broadcast to potential clients and customers. In order to achieve this, you first need to ask yourself the following questions; what is it about your product which is unique? Why is it better than the competition? What makes the philosophy of your business better than anyone else’s? Other questions you might want to ask yourself are; why does your company exist, and what motivates you to be a part of it? By answering these questions you are narrowing down the positives of your business, which in turn helps you come up with the message you want to portray. A good example of this can be found on who are able to stand out from numerous other bingo review sites by showing what makes them unique – that they are always being updated with the most up to date info on the latest bingo deals, an idea which is reflected in their name – Bingo Strike.

Once you’ve worked out what image of your company you want to create, you then need to decide how you will create this image – and how it will be distributed. Obviously you should come up with a few logo ideas to send off to a team of designers to work on. But you also need to think about customer engagement. This is where social media comes in, as you are able to use platforms like twitter and Facebook to make yourself appear approachable and friendly to clients. One famous example comes from Oreo in 2013, where their “You can still Dunk in the Dark” tweet in response to the Superbowl blackout went viral. You can also engage with consumers by connecting your brand to a current event like this, so that your company is in a way joining in with the general public, making you seem more accessible and welcoming.

These are just a few ideas on brand development and management which you might find useful when creating and marketing your own brand.

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