Do Startups Rely on Luck?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, luck is defined as “the things that happen to a person because of chance” or the “accidental way things happen without being planned”. Since the whole idea behind any business revolves around planning, it seems that having a discussion about business luck is a waste of time. Sure there are cases when the odds align in a way no one could have anticipated, leading to results that are more positive than anyone could have imagined, but these are rare exceptions that are not even worth mentioning. So what sort of luck are we talking about then?


When The Worst-Case Scenario Turns Into Reality

What happens when your entire struggle to keep your sensitive business data safely protected gets brutally crushed by an event you could not foresee or control? This truly is a dreadful day for any business owner or manager and, needless to say, the trigger for a bad-luck tale to begin with. Instead of playing the odds and simply relying on luck, why not stay proactive and create a better disaster recovery plan for your business? You most likely want your activity to continue even after hackers have gotten into your system or after the tornado is gone, don’t you? So let’s learn what your best solutions are.

How To Protect Your Sensitive Data

Whether it is a virus, technology fails, or serious data breaches, your sensitive business data is under constant threat on a daily basis. Do not solely think in terms of storms or electricity fails – disaster means all of these things combined. Also, human error is hard, if not impossible to avoid, but you can stay proactive about it and train people in every policy and procedure – so make sure you have a backup copy of every document and client file your personnel is working with – both hard and virtual copies. This could mean anything from your databases containing the results for the UK National lotto game for the last decade to essential information belonging to large corporations. Speaking of the UK National game, it can represent an instant way of turning your life upside down in case you happen to be the big winner of a weekly jackpot worth several millions of Euros. Can you imagine the type of business ventures you could think of should you have that kind of money on your hands? Buying an online ticket is simpler than ever thanks to the numerous online platforms that enable you to do so from home or remote locations via smart devices, and the Lottery Master site is one of them. Needless to say the matter of good luck comes into the discussion again, but the low risks make the effort worth it.


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