The power of media on culture

According to all researches on field, the impact of mass media on our daily life is stronger and stronger, especially on particular aspect of our life.

Consumes are the first target of the bombarding media messages coming from TV spots, movies, online ads and even twitters from companies that produce particular goods.

Today, if you have a TV or a computer or even none of these but you simply have a mobile like an iPhone, you are targeted as a consumer and by consequence you might get to receive constant messages and emails that invite you to buy a particular product or to visit a particular website.

Impact of media

Digital magazines

Today, most people like to get updates about news from online magazines. These are a sort of digital newspapers with pictures and written content and, what’s more, featuring videos that visitors can watch. So, it’s about a more complete and global kind of information than simply reading a newspaper.

Digital information is often considered as a free kind of information due to the fact that in the web there are no rules to write and to give out info. This is the reason why most people tend to think that all goes in the web is true and free from any manipulation.

However, this is not always true. Manipulation is always possible, and probably even harder to know.

Digital platforms

Today, the web is also the place where virtual platforms can improve and increase every day. New platforms are given birth for the joy of new consumers. This increases the competition in the web and consumers can have a better choice of product and service to purchase.

In the recent years, the most flourishing industry is the gambling industry with many new products manufactured each year.

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