Lifehacking Tips: Joggling With Career And Personal Life

Whether you have recently re-entered the workforce after a break or you are just starting out your career and you already feel overwhelmed, know you are not the only one. The stress of having to joggle with your personal life while struggling to grow professionally can lead to anxiety, depression, and other stress-related disorders. Instead of treating those, why not prevent them by starting out on the right foot?

Establish Your Clear Objectives And Set Milestones   

After many years of schooling and hopefully plenty of volunteering or apprenticeship jobs, you feel more ready than ever to take a bite out of a real job/career. You feel eager to start making your own living while doing the things you have studied hard for. The last thing you have time for is fixing a loose lock on your front door; or spend hours doing your weekly groceries, or even spend more quality time with your spouse. While your enthusiasm is easy to explain, it will wash off in a few months or so, and you will eventually feel the need to resume your social, personal life, hang out with friends and relatives and enjoy more time relaxing.

Authorized Locksmiths

  • Set clear personal and professional goals: you want to promote in 6 months, you want to get a raise, you want to complete a new specialization course, get married or have a baby etc;
  • Set milestones for each of these objectives, and mark clear due times for each milestone;
  • Set rewards (a new pair of shoes, a fancy dinner, or hire cleaning services at the end of the month) whenever you manage to reach one of the milestones;
  • Ask for help and support whenever needed; don’t let pride stand in your way. You can’t be a business consultant and also know how to rekey a lock at the same time. The quick solution is to contact a residential home locksmith company in your area and have them come over and fix your lock problems in a jiffy: lock rekey, lock change, fresh lock installation, garage door repair, CCTV system installation/repair, spare key duplicate or emergency lockouts.
  • The Authorized Locksmiths company has coverage in all American states and a short 20-minute response time for lockout emergencies; their small rates and licensed, insured and bonded service recommend them as an immediate go-to solution whenever needed.
  • While you can go online and find plenty of video tutorials on how to change a lock or repaint your walls, it’s better to let professionals handle everything for you hassle-free while you use the spare time to organize your agenda or take some “me” time.
  • A smart lifehack is to use a rubber band to prevent a door from latching if you need to go from one office room to the other to move things around;
  • If you need to do a lot of business traveling, tie a small piece of brightly-colored fabric to your baggage so you don’t have to waste any time identifying your bag if it gets lost or delayed.
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