The Key to Spot the Differences

We fabricated an old-fashioned “spot the differences” game for our readers’ entertainment in the Spring 2014 magazine. For those of you who gave it a try (or want to now; click on the image below for a larger version), we now offer our key to all 24 differences between the two photos.




The following are the differences between the left and right photo. Starting from the row in the front (Row A), the following descriptions move across each aisle left to right.



1. The boy in red is wearing a scarf.
2. His arm moved positions.
3. He’s missing a shoe on his right foot.
4. The girl in white has no pen in her right hand.
5. There is a pen now on the table in front of her.
6. Her other hand is more clenched.
7. She’s missing a foot.
8. The man with the striped shirt’s arm is less bent.
9. The professor’s right hand is shaped differently.


10. First girl has a new hat.
11. Man in pink has a different hand position.
12. He also changed his head tilt.
13. The girl in the blue is missing her water bottle.
14. The last girl is wearing a Hey Day hat.


15. First girl now has a phone in her hand.
16. Next girl now has a toothy smile.
17. There is a stuffed animal next to the second girl.
18. Another stuffed animal is in between the last people in this row.


19. 1st boy has glasses flipped.
20. Little bear on the table in front of the second girl.
21. Girl with the black blazer now has a toothy smile.
22. She also has a book in front of her.
23. Last girl in the row has a Wharton Magazine.


24. Boy doesn’t have folder in second photo.

Do you agree with our differences? Did we miss any? Let us know below.

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