Give Wharton Graduates Your Advice

Give Wharton Graduates Your Advice

Wharton Magazine hopes to provide a public service to the Class of 2015—as a conduit for alumni, teachers, friends and family to share words of encouragement and advice.

We started by sharing Wharton alumni leaders’ words of encouragement and advice to the Class of 2015 in the Spring 2015 article, “Crossing the Stage One More Time.”

Let’s not stop there.

Please share your advice with the Class of 2015. Send your own words of wisdom (or even just humor and positivity) to this year’s graduates through the form below.

The provided entries will be shared with the graduates over social media, on the magazine website and, best yet, on displays at the actual commencement events.



  • JEM

    In business and life remember you get to make choices. It’s a freedom we are afforded in this great country. You will make mistakes. It’s OK. It’s growth. If you are perplexed and emotionally heightened, a wise and honorable friend taught me to always take the emotion out of it. Then go back to work on it…even if you have to wait awhile, until the emotion passes. Always do the right thing and be proud of who you are and never let anyone take that from you. I have yet to meet any human that walks on water! Lead by example. Include being fair and kind to others for long term growth and sustainability. Cheers to all and congrats!

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