Arlin Tao

Arlin Tao WG09

Director, Global Brand Building, d.light
Arlin Tao was born and raised in Taiwan, but has had the good fortune to live and travel around various continents beginning when she was 15 years old. She spent 6+ years in the private sector doing general management/marketing in consumer products. Just before business school, she began doing more travel in the developing world. The vibrancy, entrepreneurial spirits and sense of community in the developing world really excited her. She later learned at Wharton about the social enterprise sector, which leverages private-sector approaches in social impact work, and it fascinated her. Arlin had the good fortune to take a fellowship in 2011  with d.light, a social enterprise that focuses on distributing affordable solar lantern to the bottom of the pyramid, and she has since decided to stay on with d.light as a full-time employee.
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