Paul J. Shrater

Paul J. Shrater W95

Co-Founder, Minimus
Paul Shrater is the co-founder of the consumer products e-commerce company, which launched in 2004 as a boot-strapped family startup and is now considered the 725th highest grossing e-commerce business in the country, according to Internet Retailer. Paul has appeared on such networks as CNBC and been quoted in such publications as Forbes and USA Today. He is a partner in the tattoo-care brand Ink-Eeze and is in the midst of launching a packaging company called Minimus Products. In the past, Paul authored business plans for the likes of media mogul Quincy Jones and several other film-finance related startup ventures, as part of his career as a film and television producer and writer. He has spoken and lectured at the Internet Retailer conference, as well as in film finance, marketing, intellectual property and screenwriting events. He resides in Simi Valley, CA, and is married with two daughters.
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