Roslyn Courtney

Roslyn Courtney WG76

CEO and President, LaserBeam Consulting
Roslyn Courtney is president and CEO of LaserBeam Consulting, a leadership coaching and strategy firm that helps executives to create the right change, leverage their vital assets, and build the capabilities to drive transformation and growth in their businesses and careers. The recipient of many awards and citations, Roz has been recognized by business, government, academic and professional leaders, by Crain’s Workforce Management, and by the Corporate Executive Board for innovative yet pragmatic approaches to developing transformative leaders. With an international network of leaders in industries ranging from financial services to digital media, Roz works with clients to articulate their best ideas, uncover and dissolve obstacles, and produce remarkable results. Her original research produces breakthrough strategies for leaders and their businesses. LaserBeam's Leadership Innovation Model, one of many tools based on in-depth interviews with top executives across the Fortune 500 and smaller high growth companies, delineates a clear connection between what leaders think and do, and what they are able to achieve. Before founding LaserBeam, Roz held senior leadership positions at Citigroup, the New York Times Company, Primedia’s Consumer Media Group and Kraft General Foods.
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