Tori Lyon

Tori Lyon W89

CEO, Jericho Project
Tori Lyon is CEO of Jericho Project, a nationally-acclaimed nonprofit ending homelessness at its roots in New York City. Under her leadership, Jericho has developed a model of permanent supportive housing and comprehensive services that has enabled thousands of homeless and at-risk individuals and families to attain the stability of housing and lead fulfilling lives. Since taking the helm at Jericho first as executive director in 2005 and then as CEO in 2016, Lyon has significantly grown the organization that today serves over 2,500 adults and children, including 750 veterans, with nine supportive housing residences and programs across the city. Jericho’s newest and largest supportive housing residence, Walton House, opened in 2018 for 89 formerly homeless veterans and young, largely LGBTQ+, adults. The residence is New York City’s first supportive housing development to open under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYC 15/15 Initiative to provide 15,000 units of supportive housing over 15 years. Jericho received the 2017 Nonprofit of the Year Award from New York Housing Conference and the Best Supportive Housing Award for its Kingsbridge Terrace community from the Supportive Housing Network of New York.
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