Tyler Wry

Tyler Wry

Assistant Professor of Management
How do organizations at the cutting edge of innovation emerge and gain a foothold in the market? Professor Tyler Wry studies the processes through which industries emerge around innovative ideas, why this varies in different regions and what firms can do to succeed in these tumultuous environs. Tyler’s most recent work examined the emergence of startup firms in nanotechnology and how they bridged the worlds of science and product development to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Other studies have examined global patterns in the founding of microfinance organizations and the outcomes associated with balancing social and economic considerations in different ways. Work in progress is extending these insights in order to help understand how individual entrepreneurs bridge these solitudes to create new approaches for addressing long-standing social issues. Tyler’s work has appeared (or is scheduled to appear) in outlets such as the Academy of Management Annals, the Journal of Business Venturing, the Journal of Business Ethics, and Organization Science. Early-stage work has also been recognized with best paper awards at the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business and the European Group for Organization Studies. In his spare time, Tyler is an exhausted dad who likes to play the occasional game of squash.
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