Make Your Own Fortune in 2013

You’re motivated. You’re excited. You’re ready to have a great 2013! Now what? How do you get there? What would a “great” year mean to you?

For those who are open to investing in themselves, here’s an empowering and helpful exercise to get started. Give yourself 15 minutes to answer the questions below. This is when you want to think big rather than settle.( If you settle when you dream, you will settle in your life. Believe in yourself!)

1. How do you define success? What will a successful year mean to you? Is it about connecting with people, inspiring people, making a certain amount of money, reading to your kids every night, changing jobs to do what you enjoy or believing in yourself?

2. What were three or more wins in 2012 that you felt good about accomplishing (such as launching a new product, winning a new client, completing a half-marathon or buying your first home).

3. What are three of your core values (such as respect, learning, honesty or adventure)?

4. What are three of your strengths (such as positive outlook, determined or humor)?

5. What are three areas of your life or business that you would like to improve or focus on (such as health, career, finances, relationships, fun/creativity, personal growth, marketing or business development)?

6. What are at least two goals or intentions in each area. (Be as specific as you can: When will you complete the goal, does it speak to your heart and why is it important?)

Next, put a star beside the three goals that truly speak to your heart. (Please know that goals can speak to your heart and you can still be a successful business leader).

Focus on one goal at a time and write down three small steps you can take this week to start the process. Perhaps it’s signing up for a class, calling someone to get more information or registering a domain name.

Repeat the process for each area of your life or business with each goal.

These are great exercises to get your creative juices flowing and open to new possibilities. Please leave one of your goals/intentions in the comments section below.


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