Health Care

  • Wharton Leader: David Nash, WG’86

    By Tim Hyland Not long after Dr. David Nash arrived at Thomas Jefferson University, news broke of a White House-backed plan to completely overhaul...

  • A New Model for AIDS Care in Africa

    By Tim Hyland Mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS has essentially been eradicated. At least, that’s the case in the developed world. In...

  • Wharton Leader: Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

    A Healer for the Health Care System

  • Knowledge@Wharton

    Experimental Entrepreneurship: Removing the 'Tin Cup Dependencies'

  • Moral Hazards and Fatal Flaws

    Profile of Wharton Health Care Systems Professor Marc Pauly.

  • Teamwork in a Shock Trauma Unit

    Wharton's Katherine Klein Studies Emergency Action Teams to Find New Lessons in Leadership

  • Brainy Winners

    2004 Business Plan Competition

  • Knowledge@Wharton

    What's New at Knowledge@Wharton

  • The New Face of Health Care

    Meet Five Wharton Alums Who Inhabit a Brave New World of Hospital Acquisitions, Corporate Bureaucracy and State-of-the-Art Patient Care

  • Resuscitation Needed

    Vertical Integration, Managed Care and Physician Practice Management Companies Are the Wrong Remedies for Our Ailing Health Care System, Says...

  • The Business of Health Care

    Last fall, Wharton’s health care systems department celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Faculty and alumni have led the effort to link the disciplines...

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