• Shark Tank Star’s Secrets to Business Success

    In his new book, Rise and Grind, Daymond John reveals how to become a better entrepreneur.

  • Secrets to Success in Tech

    We speak with technology leaders to understand how they got to where they are in their careers and why they keep coming back for more.

  • Don’t Call It a Business Comeback

    John Sculley on entrepreneurship, adaptive innovation, analytics, Wharton and any disruptive field with “tech” in its name.

  • Forward-Operating Base PWCC

    Elegantly designed and loaded with technology, the Penn Wharton China Center is the University's calling card for the entire region.

  • The Pony Here

    In the world of finance, the more investors know about an asset, the greater their competitive advantage. Data science has taken this relationship...

  • Fit to Be CEO

    Maria Baum tried to retire to a Hamptons beach after success on Wall Street. It didn’t take. So instead, she founded a portfolio of companies...

  • Applying Uber Analytics

    The source of success at Uber and Airbnb is their use of business analytics. What lessons can all business leaders learn from their examples?

  • Huzzah for the Original Tech Hero

    Penn's founder had six brights ideas over 200 years ago that tech heroes are embracing today.

  • To Fear the Fed or Not

    The Federal Reserve's authority over the financial system and the money supply is expansive. That power deserves a better public understanding—even...

  • Club to the Career Rescue

    The Wharton Club of Philadelphia holds its annual Career Planning Workshop, but takes a different approach.

  • Staged Around the World

    Wharton’s Dean traveled to 13 cities in his first year in office to listen and learn from alumni.

  • Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    The Wharton Club of New York honors some of the School's most successful and impactful alumni with the Joseph Wharton Awards.

  • Wharton Watch List: Sports

    Wharton's Watch List identifies people, products, services and companies that are worthy of your attention. In this case: sports business professionals.

  • Regions: EMEA

    An interview with Jean-Manuel Rozan, co-founder of Qwant, a search engine daring to stand up to Google.

  • Regions: Asia

    The Wharton India Startup Competition was held exclusively in India for the first time. Wharton students and alumni and top Indian entrepreneurs...

  • Regions: Latin America

    Wharton MBA students explore the new business climate in Cuba.

  • Kagame on Social Impact, Social Media & More

    Rwandan President Paul Kagame visited Penn to discuss social impact, social media, reconciliation, economic development and more. Watch the event...

  • Learning to Love the Language of Analytics

    More on the new MOOC series from Wharton Online.

  • A Call for More Wharton Effect

    We’ve been publishing Wharton Effect tales on a regular basis. We aim to keep the momentum going. So keep sharing, and we’ll keep doing likewise.

  • Winter 2016

    In this Issue: Secrets to Success in Tech

  • Going Global With Entrepreneur Ecosystems

    We spotlight cities that have hot startup scenes and Wharton alumni involvement.

  • Rare Gems

    We met a handful of Wharton students, and they blew us away by what they’ve already achieved and what they aim to do next.

  • Real Stories of Reality Shark Attacks

    Wharton alumni have played an outsized role on the reality show Shark Tank. We regroup with all the past participants for their take: Was it...

  • Partnering for Global Priorities

    Explore the special relationship between the Wharton School and the World Bank, which includes alumni serving in prominent leadership roles and...

  • The Private Investors’ Protector

    We talk with CEO of the World Bank's Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, Keiko Honda.

  • The Next Generation Inherits the Earth

    The Wharton School and the World Bank partner on a revolutionary approach to engaging young adults in the future of the planet.

  • Banking on World Class Technology

    Stephanie von Friedeburg is overseeing a revolution in how the World Bank uses the cloud, mobile technology and data analytics across its organizations...

  • Acting on the Affordable Care Act

    Some Wharton entrepreneurs are doing well and doing good by trying to cure what ails American health care.

  • Second Year’s Surprises and Hopes

    A second-year Wharton MBA student realizes it's not easy to leave the School ... even though she soon will have to. Here's what she's doing about...

  • How to Get Big Things Done

    Learn to harness the Wharton alumni network in a 21st century way.

  • Recapping the Third Summer of Startups

    The Wharton MBA Program’s space at 2401 Walnut served as a startup incubator for the third summer in a row in 2015. Here's a list of all participants.

  • Can’t Have Enough Big Ideas

    The “Big Idea” during Wharton MBA Pre-Term pits cluster learning teams against each other in a battle royale for the brain. Read highlights...

  • Watch List: Books

    We spotlight recently published books written by Wharton alumni.

  • Student-Alumni Mentorship Success After First Year

    The Sophomore-Alumni Mentorship Program is helping Wharton undergrads think about career options.

  • In a Class (Reunion) of Their Own

    The Wharton MBA Class of 1995 broke all sorts of Reunion records.

  • Making the Hometown Stronger

    We’ve said it before. Philadelphia is in the midst of a massive resurgence. Here are some local alumni in the middle of it.

  • 4×1: The First-Year MBA Experience

    First-year Wharton MBA students share the secrets that their classmates have learned about them during the first months on campus.

  • Regions: Latin America

    An interview with Edith Aviles de Kostes, head of corporate and institutional banking for BNP Paribas in Hispanic Latin America.

  • Regions: EMEA

    The Lauder Institute will soon offer the world’s first premiere joint-degree MA/MBA program with a specialization on Africa.

  • Regions: Asia

    A recent Wharton Global Modular Course brought students, faculty and alumni closer to ASEAN. Read an alumni participant's key takeaways.

  • The Gamification Toolkit: For the Win

    Read an excerpt from the new Wharton Digital Press book that provides readers with the tools to take gamification to the next level.

  • The 2015 Wharton Startups to Watch

    In what’s become an annual tradition, Wharton Magazine presents startups—and founders— worthy of serious attention by the Wharton community.

  • More than Shelter Alone

    Wharton Magazine interviews five alumni who have transformed a passion for real estate development into a zeal for social impact—for people...

  • Thriving in the ‘Wharton Effect’

    The power of Wharton. It gives graduates the ability to thrive in the spotlight. A place alumni tend to boldly seek out. How have you felt the...

  • The Philly Renaissance

    Innovation and quality of life turn the city into a major draw.

  • Crossing the Stage One More Time

    Wharton’s alumni leaders share words of encouragement and advice to the Class of 2015.

  • Seeing the Light of the U.S.–China Relationship

    Two things you need to know about the two biggest economies.

  • Go West, Young Undergrads

    A new course sends 40 students deep into the “Silicon Valley ecosystem.”

  • Faculty Essay: World’s Best Crisis Leadership

    What can global decision-makers learn about what it takes prepare for and recover from massive crises?

  • Regions: Latin America

    We speak with Penn's director of admissions to understand how a hectic travel itinerary and international alumni have helped build Wharton's...

  • Watch List: Foods

    We identify alumni involved in some of the hottest food brands and products around the world.

  • Alumni Essay: Education Disruptors

    The millennial generation is already rethinking, reinventing and ultimately saving the faltering education system, as students and then as parents.

  • Letter to a Young Woman Before a Semester Abroad

    If a student could prepare herself before her college semester abroad experience, what would she say?

  • Alum Exec Update: Engaging With Our Clubs

    A Wharton alumni volunteer explains why being part of the Global Clubs Network continues to be a great avenue for his peers.

  • Wharton Leader Recounts Steps From ‘Barefoot to Billionaire’

    Jon M. Huntsman Sr.’s latest accomplishment is the publication of his autobiography. And like everything else in his life, the eminent businessman...

  • Regions: Asia

    A team of four Wharton undergraduate students took on the world in Hong Kong.

  • He Wears It Well

    Dean Geoffrey Garrett recognizes his first Dean’s Medal recipient.

  • Catch the Tour

    What do you associate Wharton with? Dean Geoffrey Garrett shared his answers during one of the more recent Global Conversations Tour stops.

  • 4X1: Questions for Wharton’s Dean

    What questions did four Wharton alumni volunteers have for Dean Geoffrey Garrett.

  • Regions: EMEA

    We interview Navin M. Valrani, CEO of the Engineering Services Group at Oasis Investment Co., about serious-minded international business and...

  • Watch List: Fashion

    We identify alumni and students leading some of the hottest fashion startups.

  • Students Learn About ‘Shifting Paradigms’ of Finance

    At the annual Wharton Finance Conference on Friday, Oct. 21, scores of MBA students devoted their day off from classes to attend the event. Titled...

  • Making the Most of Mistakes

    Mistakes are an inevitable part of business and life, and how we respond to our mistakes is often more important than the errors themselves.

  • How to Fund Healthcare Innovation

    It is difficult nowadays to find funding for an early-stage company in the biomedical and biotech field. As speakers at the Annual Wharton Alumni...

  • Honoring the Dean’s Medal, Distinguished Service Award Recipients

    This year, James G. Dinan, W’81, and Jeffrey S. Katz, WG’71, were honored with the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service. Robert G. Goergen,...

  • Handing out the Joseph Wharton Awards

    The Joseph Wharton Awards Dinner at the Wharton Club of New York was a big-name event. Beyond the attendees were award winners, business leaders...

  • Surprising Findings From Interactive Webinar

    During last Tuesday’s webinar, Mike Useem, polled attendees on what quality was most often missing from leaders they’ve witnessed and worked...

  • Cooking up Something Special at Iron Prof 2011

    Wharton professors who compete in the annual Iron Prof event are an even rarer breed. Their research must be pioneering in their respective fields,...

  • When Sam Zell Talks…

    The Wharton School could dust off those old E.F. Hutton commercialsto advertise when Sam Zell talks on campus, as he did on Thursday, Sept. 15.

  • From Lunches With the Sage to Superhero Investor

    Ted Weschler,W’83, was named the second appointee to the trifecta of investment gurus who will take over Berkshire Hathaway after Warren Buffett’s...

  • How Sustainability is Reshaping Competition

    Sustainability’s impact on the competitive landscape is best tested through the lens of Michael Porter’s watershed Five Forces Model of Competition....

  • Wharton Celebrates Launch of the Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center

    Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research, Wharton’s newest center, is set to have a large impact on all of...

  • What 5 Business Fundamentals Did You Learn at Wharton?

    An MBA degree at the top business school in the world could be called a “golden business passport." Then again, at Wharton, MBA students learn...

  • World Wide Wharton

    The breadth of the Wharton influence allows us to see the bigger picture of the "big issues" of today worldwide.

  • Sustainability and Your Corporate Logo

    In the wake of the vigorous debate about the status of green marketing, it’s important to remember the powerful message corporations’ logos...

  • Welcome to the Wharton Blog Network

    Perspectives on leadership. Commentary on the economy. Ideas you can use. Real-world expertise. You’ll find all of that and more on the Wharton...

  • In Africa, Wharton Alumnus Making Progress in Fight Against AIDS

    Gene Falk, WG'80,founded mothers2mothers, a Cape Town-based nonprofit that aims to prevent the transmission of HIV-positive pregnant women to...

  • Wharton Follies, Spring 2010

    Wharton Follies Spring 2010

  • We Want Your Ideas!

    We here at Wharton Magazine have been working hard to make this magazine more entertaining and more engaging than ever before. And while we think...

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