Wharton People

  • Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz

    We speak with Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, G’74, GR’78, about her family, her career as a central banker and being a role model.

  • Karen Finerman

    TV personality, hedge fund CEO and author Karen Finerman, W’87, is always ready to tell it like it is.

  • Jamie Moldafsky

    Success has come to Jamie Moldafsky, WG’89, not because of a grand master plan, but because of her ability to be open-minded, to know herself...

  • Linda Pavy

    Linda Pavy, WG’80, has had tremendous serendipity with career and life. We ask her why.

  • Jacqueline Reses

    Of all the big names and powerful personalities involved in the resurrection of tech titan Yahoo, Jacqueline D. Reses, W’92, is right up there....

  • My Transformation at Wharton Into an Entrepreneur

    This serial entrepreneur experienced a transformation at Wharton.

  • Alumni Association Update: Thankful Times

    The Wharton community has a lot to be grateful for this autumn.

  • Watch List: Social Media

    What are the potentially viral products, services and companies emanating from the Wharton community? In this issue, we present prominent social...

  • 4×1: The Wharton Club Network

    We asked four Wharton Club Network presidents how they have been so successful driving engagement among their alumni groups.

  • Outsider Art

    Sheldon Bonovitz, W’59, and wife Jill's collection of Outsider Art has gained accolades, especially recently.

  • World’s Top-30 Entrepreneur Returns to Campus

    No, we are not talking about an alumnus here. We’re checking back with a student.

  • Mentioning More Big Penn Families

    We continue our quest to identify some of the most impressive and active familial legacies at Penn and Wharton.

  • A ‘Curalate’ for the Common Early-Career Questions

    Try, try, try again, throw out five-year plans and forget linear career progression, says one of Wharton's top young entrepreneurs.

  • From Amazon to Wharton to Mt. Rainier

    An inside story of the heights attained by Amazon's recruiting efforts at the Wharton MBA program.

  • The Sweet Taste of Success

    Summer may be coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, but for one Wharton alumnus, the season’s tastiest treat is his entrepreneurial...

  • Designing Fulfillment

    Amy Yin Interiors not only earns design awards but also operates on a “for-benefit” model, supporting thousands of children, teens and disabled...

  • Young Alums Offer Advice to New MBAs

    The members of the Class of 2015 have started their Wharton MBA experience. Recent grads offer ways to maximize the tremendous opportunities.

  • A Very Wharton Health Demo Day

    Some of Wharton’s star health care startups got spotlighted by DreamIt, an accelerator with its own strong School ties.

  • Finding a Cure One Paddle at a Time

    The Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink returns in 2013 with a big fundraising goal in mind and a team of Whartonites steering the vision.

  • An Outsider’s Gift to the Art World

    A unique exhibit attracts novices and aficionados, and leaves an indelible mark on visitors and the art world.

  • Rocking With New Confidence: Laird Adamson

    Our representative from Wharton MBA for Executives in Philadelphia built lasting bonds with the School and his classmates, while gearing up for...

  • Building the Business Case for Sustainability: Gwendolyn McDay

    Attracted at first by the“great aura” of Wharton, an MBA graduate leaves the School prepared to pitch social responsibility to the C-suite.

  • Naturally Leading Elsewhere Now: Jarrid Tingle

    An undergrad built a respectable résumé across campus. Expect to hear about his impending, real-world accomplishments in finance soon.

  • The Not So Small Center

    Thousands of businesses have thrived during the past 30 years due to the dedication and knowledge of hundreds of students, alumni and staff in...

  • A Campaign for the Memories

    Wharton’s eminent volunteers share snapshots from their experiences during The Campaign for Wharton and the Making History Campaign.

  • Under Bill’s Oversight

    Let us introduce you to the new chairman of the Wharton Board of Overseers.

  • Coming Back for an Embrace

    The Wharton MBA Reunion and its Lifelong Learning programming again drew record attendance.

  • A Message From The Dean

    As a member of the Wharton community, you know that today’s economic systems are interconnected and the diffusion of good ideas is widespread...

  • Gracing the Class with TelePresence

    The Wharton-Cisco Connected Classroom continues to amaze.

  • A Day of Discourse

    The 2013 Wharton Economic Summit proved to be a mini- Davos with a crackling exchange of business and economic ideas.

  • 4X1

    We asked four of our most dedicated and thoughtful contributors to the Wharton Blog Network one question about advice for the Class of 2013.

  • News Briefs

    Recent campus news about student successes and administrative appointments.

  • A Series for the Ages

    Four reasons you should read the Wharton Executive Essentials series from Wharton Digital Press.

  • Passion and Grace From the Get-Go

    George Weiss, W’65, recalls that Wharton alumni in particular were very gracious during the Campaign, probably because they first arrived at...

  • The Inbox

    A slew of letters to the editor about mangoes, retirement, the Final Exam and women at Wharton.

  • ‘Special Sauce’ and ‘Future Stars’ at the SBDC

    Meet the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Professor” and the “Green Business Builder,” two more alumni who have helped the Wharton Small Business Development...

  • An Identity-Shaping Summer

    A summer job helps this student with one of the most defining decisions of her college years: selecting a major.

  • Favor Granted

    Professor Adam Grant gives of his time to help others, and this writer will remember the effort and the lessons offered in his book Give and...

  • Viewing Startup Incubators From Inside-Out

    We catch up with a Wharton Business Plan Competition team as it takes the next step at the Highland and Mass Challenge incubators.

  • An Artist Calls on Class Notes

    Jacques Levy, W’59, released his entire collection of acclaimed artwork on the Web—a perfect time for him to reconnect with Wharton.

  • The Ingredients of Leadership Secret Sauce

    Johnson & Johnson’s Alex Gorsky offers candid advice to leaders of all stripes.

  • Wharton Global Forums Engage From the Get-Go

    Meetings encouraged candid discussion in intimate settings, leaving attendees with an unforgettable educational experience.

  • Lessons in Leadership from the Corner Office

    From Breen to Zalaznick, from Lao Tzu to Lauder, there’s no substitute for learning from those with experience, writes Prof. Mike Useem.

  • Producing Success in the London Theater

    London-based alumni are amazed by the theater production, and acting, of one of their own.

  • Exploring the Effects of Emotions on Employees

    New research shows how anger, envy, gossip and group behavior affect retail employees.

  • Wharton Entrepreneurs : Then and Now

    On campus, today’s entrepreneurs have more opportunities than ever to learn from, and impress, star alumni and faculty.

  • Starting the ‘Change’ Conversation

    Inspired by a Reunion panel about leadership and women, we explore best practices in effecting important change.

  • Wharton Alumni Shine in Pakistan Elections

    There has perhaps been a turning point in Pakistan history, and Whartonites have been in the center of it.

  • Andrea Mitchell: Wharton MBA Commencement

    NBC News' Andrea Mitchell, CW'67, addresses the 2013 Wharton MBA Graduation.

  • Alex Gorsky at the 2013 Wharton Commencement

    Alex Gorsky, WG'96, chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, addresses a first-ever Wharton graduation ceremony.

  • Dinner, Dessert … and a Career?

    We follow up on an alumni-student interaction unique to Wharton and talk to one student who had a powerful experience.

  • Who Survived the Culture Quest?!

    After 10 days of intense cultural immersion and competition, our Lauder students have wrapped up the 2013 Culture Quest in Istanbul in the company...

  • No Such Thing as Post-Graduation Blues

    What are Wharton's newest alumni already accomplishing after Commencement 2013? A lot.

  • In the Heat of a Social Enterprise

    HarVa founder Ajay Chaturvedi, GEX’02, earned distinction from the World Economic Forum for his “social capitalistic” efforts in India.

  • Four Tips to Succeeding With the Sharks

    VerbalizeIt founder Ryan Frankel, WG’12, discusses the best ways to prepare for negotiations on the reality TV show Shark Tank.

  • Wharton MBA Reunion: Feeling the Impact

    Vice Dean Katherine Klein explores the intersection of Wharton and social impact.

  • Neil Blumenthal Shares the Warby Parker Story

    How have four friends been able to found a wildly successful startup and stay true to their original vision, and each other?

  • Picking a Winner Among Winners

    The Wharton Business Plan Competition came down to the Great Eight. We were fortuitous enough to come to the show with the greatest.

  • Thoughts on a San Francisco Graduation

    The West Coast Class 37 has graduated. This post honors them, their families and everyone else who helped them along the way.

  • ZenKars and Wharton BPC: Student Startups Day in the Life

    We shadowed one team during the Wharton BPC Venture Finals. How'd they do?

  • Wharton MBA Highlights: Year One

    Before venturing to Facebook for a unique summer internship, our student reflects on five things he liked best about the academic year that was.

  • Meditating on Banking

    I am normally not surprised by the diversity of backgrounds of Wharton MBAs. But a Buddhist monk turned banker?

  • A Prof Unlike Any Other

    The third annual Wharton Iron Prof gave faculty a chance to shine and students the chance to vote them “off the show.”

  • Straying on Track

    How did Wharton MBA Eric de Guia transform into Kidlat Tahimik, the “Father of Filipino Indie Film" and Laureate of the Fukuoka Prize? We ask...

  • Innovation Equals More Than Technology

    It’s time to think about innovation in broader terms than just new technology. Government especially needs to be in the conversation.

  • Teaching the Science of Business Creation

    During “The Entprentice,” students learn the joys and challenges of working with a team of strangers to implement concepts in the entrepreneurship...

  • Please Don’t Go, Professor

    Len Lodish’s 45-year career has helped shape the face of the Wharton School. We ask him to reflect upon it now that he has announced his retirement.

  • 4th Street Deli Reflections

    The Wharton Executive Coaching Feedback Program has been this student’s best developmental experience so far, hands down.

  • Get a Grip on Big Government

    Is the U.S. government too big? Well, is the economy too big?

  • The Business Plan Competition Experience

    We followed three teams during Semi-Final pitches. Only one team moved to the next stage, but all three benefitted from the experience.

  • Solving Problems Beyond Their Years

    Undergrads immerse themselves in the culture, and demographic issues, of Portugal and Morocco through the Wharton International Program.

  • How to Brand in the Global Digital Age

    A new book from Wharton Digital Press offers tools to manage the complexity of today’s brand management.

  • Advice for Dangerous Times

    SilverLake’s Greg Mondre, W’96, looks back at his 15-year career in private equity and foresees a wild ride ahead.

  • Young Alums Toast to Champagne

    A recent grad organized a pan-European reunion for his classmates to the Champagne region of France.

  • Real Optimism

    The real estate market could be in position for a comeback, if policymakers in Washington don’t interfere, according to experts and alumni...

  • Wharton Economic Summit 2013 Roundup: Renewed Energy

    The shale energy revolution is unprecedented. Its true impact could be far-reaching but not without (environmental) questions.

  • In the Way of Innovation?

    What is the proper role of government in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship ... if any? A panel at the Wharton Economic Summit 2013...

  • Wharton Economic Summit 2013 Roundup: Part 1

    Is more skin in the game—as prescribed by such business leaders as GE’s Jeff Immelt—what is needed to make American health care work?

  • Raising the Bar for Alternative Investment

    Apollo co-founder and Philadelphia Sixers owner Joshua Harris, W’86, shared insights into the private-equity world with Penn students.

  • From Banker to ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’

    Femi Ayeni, WG’85, has built a media empire in Nigeria and aims to grow it with education and the Internet in mind.

  • Announcing the Wharton Business Plan Competition Semi-Finalists

    The pool of 140 entrants has narrowed to 26 semi-finalists, from which soon the Great Eight will emerge.

  • Feeling the Social Impact at Wharton

    A Wharton undergrad experiences social impact from the inside out, including work with Philadelphia City Government, the Bloomberg Philanthropies,...

  • Go Viral at Will

    Professor Jonah Berger’s upcoming book upturns conventional wisdom about how to make your products, services and ideas “contagious.”

  • Rawls, Role Models and Responsibility

    San Francisco students in the Wharton MBA for Executives program debate the social impact obligations of investment funds and multinationals.

  • Timetable for a Slow Demise

    Bloomberg’s Robert Litan, W’72, shared his insights into Washington’s budget war, sequestration and other impending deadlines at a recent...

  • Alumni Line up to Take Part in EIR

    The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program has connected Penn students with successful entrepreneurs since 2001. This year is no different.

  • A Pioneer’s Tale

    To be wildly successful, you need to be right about something that no one else knows about, and other lessons from a king of venture capital,...

  • Passionate for Her Career

    Our newest student blogger reports on her highlights from the Wharton Women Business Conference.

  • Illustrating Business

    “Art and business are not irreconcilable pursuits,” says freelance illustrator Michael S. Klein, W ’82, particularly in today’s business...

  • Learning Leadership at 20 Below

    Our undergrad finds herself in a totally new setting, and on a dogsled, during a Wharton Leadership Venture.

  • Eager for Entrepreneurship at Wharton

    The strength of entrepreneurship offerings at Wharton | San Francisco may be the School’s best-kept secret.

  • Mastering Disaster Resilience With Professor Meyer

    The Lifelong Learning Master Class in New York helped take the OUCH out of disaster preparedness for this alum and other attendees.

  • A Day in the Life: Student Startups

    The 2013 Wharton Business Plan Competition is in full swing. We spent a few minutes with twoof the competitors to see what it’s like to be...

  • Tasting Germany

    Alumni convene for a capstone meeting of the Wharton Club of Germany and Austria and provide an example for other clubs of how reconnecting is...

  • Blocking Out the Doom and Gloom

    Companies, governments, institutions and individuals— we’re all braving the new and evolving threats to our cybersecurity, whether we know...

  • A Way With WRDS

    Wharton Research Data Services celebrates 20 years of innovation and eyes the future with expansion in mind.

  • Portrait of Our Artists

    Success is sure to follow when you combine the business and entrepreneurial know-how gained at Wharton with the talent and passion for the arts.

  • Home Is Where the Heart Is?

    What’s driving Americans to retire abroad? And where does that leave the rest of us they leave behind?

  • A Powerful Reconnection

    The Wharton MBA for Executives Reunion picked up where alumni left off at last May’s MBA Reunion: with Lifelong Learning sessions led by Wharton...

  • 4×1: What is your outlook for 2013?

    In October, the Wharton Club of New York honored four alumni with the annual Joseph Wharton Awards. In the hustle and bustle of the gala event,...

  • Watch List: Startups

    THE WATCH LIST is a new department where we identify potentially viral new products, services and companies emanating from the Wharton community.

  • The Bookshelf

    Just a few of the newer books on the market written by Wharton alumni

  • Dean Presents Highest Honor to Two Alumni

    Alvin V. Shoemaker, W’60, HON’95, and Sukanto Tanoto, WF’01, were rewarded for years of service to the School with the Dean’s Medal.

  • News Briefs

    News from Israel and Ithaca, as well as a new app for yours truly.

  • Electing Social Impact

    Wharton students in San Francisco vote to learn about social impact.

  • Toasting a Man, His Wine and Pink Bunny Slippers

    The wine business in California is no place for whiners, as the CEO of Winery Exchange has learned.

  • Meet the New VIPs of Wharton Entrepreneurship

    Ten new ventures join the ranks of the Wharton Venture Initiation Program.

  • Weaving the Next Warby Parker?

    A young alumna sets her sights on a purposeful life that also provides a precious commodity to her customers at Earth Heir.

  • Excited for Entrepreneurship

    Veteran business editor Loren Feldman, W'78, shares his experiences with and observations about small business owners, while offering advice...

  • Immigration Reform: A Victim of Cliffmanship?

    The time that policymakers have spent on the fiscal cliff has held back beneficial progress on immigration.

  • In Memoriam: Saul P. Steinberg

    We honor the philanthropic legacy of Saul P. Steinberg, W’59.

  • The World’s Top Exploding Hardware Opportunities

    Venture capitalist Rob Coneybeer offers a promising picture for the technology space to future Wharton entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Growing Beyond the Social Impact Stereotype

    A Wharton conference integrates the social sector with finance and business in new ways.

  • Lifelong Learning in London

    Wharton goes on tour in London with a presentation by Professor Eric Bradlow about marketing and analytics, which left local club members wanting...

  • Giving Thanks for Alumni-Inspired Excellence

    One student ponders taking on greater challenges after separate presentations by three alumni.

  • A New Twist on an Old Favorite

    The 2012-2013 Wharton Business Plan Competition is kicking off with a new format for Phase 1.

  • Disrupt My Business!

    Game-changing innovation is not just the domain of startups. Large companies make it a point of their business too. Here’s how, according to...

  • Keeping Kids off the Street

    Serial entrepreneur Michael Baum, WG’89, aims to convince more Wharton students to follow his path and shares secrets to his success.

  • Wharton Club Harvests French Culture

    Europe’s alumni clubs come together in Loire for culture, cuisine and personal connections.

  • Our Featured Ironman Athlete

    The chairman of the Wharton Alumni Board finished his first Ironman and raised an extraordinary amount for Autism Speaks in the process.

  • The Value of the Wharton Network

    Students of the Wharton Alumni Relations Council catalyze student-alumni engagement armed with the knowledge they will be members of the alumni...

  • How Penn-Related Political Candidates Fared in Election 2012

    Nearly a dozen Penn and Wharton graduates or affiliates ran for positions this Election Day. Here’s how they fared.

  • Leading Luxury

    How Michael Kowalski, W’74, and Tiffany & Co. seek to change the way the jewelry industry sees social and corporate responsibility.

  • Attention and Memory

    The curriculum in San Francisco provides an immersion experience, with multiple, mutually reinforcing encounters with the same core material.

  • Organizing the Unconference out West

    Trends in technology and startups are front-of-mind discussion topics when East meets West during a new conference in San Francisco.

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