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  • The New Space Race

    A thrilling era of space exploration has begun, fueled by the potential for tourism among the stars, the ingenuity of private industry, and the ambitions of a few billionaires (including one Wharton alumnus you may have heard about).

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  • 20 Years of Knowledge@Wharton

    In the two decades since its launch, Knowledge@Wharton has become an invaluable resource for lifelong learning online, on the radio, and on podcasts. Meet its visionary founder and the team that’s spreading insights and education to a global audience.


  • Freeze for All

    These alumni see the business sense—and the smiles—behind the growing ice-cream and frozen-treats sector.

  • Is Your Business Ready to Scale?

    Operations, Information and Decisions professor Gad Allon offers a litmus test for when to consider scaling. 

  • Cracking the Code

    This new MBA club aims to bring tech novices and experts together to build software and their skill sets.

  • Does Fear Motivate Workers?

    Workplace tyranny can boost employee performance, but it can also have dire consequences for office culture.

  • Finding Virtue in Private Equity

    The industry’s investors often are portrayed as greedy corporate raiders, but a new study argues the opposite may be true.

  • Understanding Algorithims and Artificial Intelligence

    In the introduction to his new book A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence, OID professor Kartik Hosanagar examines two similar AI programs that developed shockingly different personalities.

  • The Future of Finance

    A letter from Dean Geoffrey Garrett, published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue.

  • Wharton Entrepreneurship: By the Numbers

    Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship has put the School on the map as a hotbed for aspiring founders and a place where startups find essential support, both intellectually and financially.

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