Fall 2007

Fall 2007

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  • On the Fast Track

    Thomas S. Robertson—Wharton’s 13th dean—moves at the speed of business.

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  • On_and_Off_Ramps

    On and Off Ramps

    Taking a detour from a high-powered career — and finding the road back


  • Hong Kong Global Alumni Forum

    On May 25-26, 2007, more than 460 alumni and business leaders gathered at the brand-new Four Seasons Hong Kong for an intense Global Alumni Forum filled with panels and presentations. The theme of the conference was “Up and Down the Capitalist Road,” exploring the economic transformation of Asia and Greater China from the unique vantage point of Hong Kong. As Wharton Dean Patrick Harker explained, “This theme represents the experience of not only Hong Kong, but also China, Asia, and the world… there are very few simply local or regional issues. We now understand that we must examine every major challenge in its broadest, global context.” Kyle Shaw, WG’87, founding partner and managing director of Shaw Kwei & Partners, as well as the president of the Wharton Club of Hong Kong, was chairman of the organizing committee, and Paul M.F. Cheng, WG’61, Chairman of The Link Management Ltd., led the advisory committee. Together, they recruited notable speakers at the event including BHP Billiton CEO Charles W. Goodyear, WG’83, Hopewell Holdings Chairman Sir Gordon Y.S. Wu, Yum! Brands, Inc. President (China) Sam Su, WG’83, and honorary chairman K.P. Chao, Chairman of the Board, Novel Enterprises Ltd. and a 2004 recipient of the Wharton Dean’s Medal. Topics at the forum varied from alternative investments and the role central banks play in their respective countries, to China’s growth prospects and its growing relationship with the United States. The event closed out with a performance by renowned Mandarin and Cantopop singer/actress Coco Lee.  First International Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists In conjunction with the Global Alumni Forum, the Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists Program held a special one-day session on May 24, 2007, at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. The program, which has been ongoing for nearly four decades and is traditionally held each […]

  • Zurich Global Alumni Forum

    Beneath Zurich’s charming old world façade is a city shaped by tremendous economic activity, a fitting backdrop for the Zurich Global Alumni Forum, held at the Park Hyatt Hotel on June 29-30, 2007. The theme of the event similarly united old and new under the heading “A Heritage of Innovation.” Speakers at the forum in Zurich included business and government leaders such as Jacob Wallenberg, W’80, WG’81, chairman of Investor AB, Alex Gorsky, WG’96, Chief Executive Officer, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp., Jan-Michel Hessels, WG’69, Chairman of the Board, NYSE Euronext, Peter A. Wuffli, AM P’99, Group Chief Executive Officer, UBS AG, and Mohammed Sharaf, CEO of DP World. Chaired by Marc O. Stöckli, WG’96, Managing Director of MOS Advisory Services GmbH, the organizing committee put together a robust slate of discussions and keynotes on critical innovation issues in traditional industries, finance, life sciences, and technology. In addition, three master classes were taught by Wharton professors Raphael “Raffi” Amit, Richard Herring, and Janice Bellace on emerging trends in private equity, the changing rules of international banking, international human rights, and company codes. More than 300 alumni and other business leaders attended. On the second and final night of the forum, conference participants were whisked away by train to Rapperswil Castle, set on a hill on the east shore of Lake Zurich — an impressive finish to a spectacular weekend.

  • Knowledge@Wharton

    Downloading Wisdom from Online Crowds: Two Wharton professors explore how Internet searches can yield market research results.

  • Alumni Club Highlights

    Wharton Education Network (WhEN) Launched as New Affinity Club in New York The Wharton Education Network (WhEN) was founded last year by Sergio Abramovich, WG’99. The goal of WhEN is to be a network for ideas and knowledge that will help its members to better run their companies, to identify new opportunities, and to obtain better results from their investments in the education market. Abramovich, who has a background in online education in Hispanic and international markets, is the Director of Business Development for Latin America at DeVry Inc. Previously he worked in New York at FUNIBER, an alliance of Spanish and Latin American universities that provides online education in Spanish and Portuguese, and before that at the Open University of Catalonia, the largest online university in Spain and Latin America. After moving back to New York earlier last year, he decided to launch the affinity group within the Wharton Club of New York. “There is a relatively large group of Wharton alumni currently involved in the education industry; however, there was no group or network in which we could exchange ideas, promote the education industry, learn from each other, and identify new business opportunities,” he said. “Wharton has an amazing tradition in the field and I believe that the entire Wharton community should continue working towards developing the education industry.” Abramovich believes the group serves an additional purpose in terms of filling in a missing niche. “Other top MBA schools offer several courses and even majors in education, but Wharton does not,” he said. “People from all over the country have expressed interest in participating in WhEN which reinforces the point that the Wharton community is looking for different ways to promote the education industry.” We should keep encouraging CDP and the different students clubs at Wharton to reach […]

  • Leadership Spotlight, W. Frank Fountain, WG’73

    “I learned early in life that you should be engaged and involved with the institutions that are important to you, not to leave it to chance or someone else,” says Frank Fountain, a Wharton Overseer. “That’s why I’ve chosen to be engaged with Wharton.”

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