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  • On, About & For More Leadership

    Wharton alumnae talk about their own experiences on campus, in the workforce and at the heights of leadership.

Featured Stories

  • More Education Door to Door

    One year after launching the successful Lifelong Learning Tour, we reflect on the experience and plans for its future.

  • 10 Years into the Revolution

    Technology and changing demographics are driving the retail industry toward innovation, or bust.

  • Mobile and Mobilized

    Mobile computing devices, already ubiquitous, are still growing in their relevance and involvement in our lives. In fact, the mobile revolution is just beginning, and Wharton alumni tell us to keep an eye out for what’s coming our way.

  • Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz

    We speak with Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, G’74, GR’78, about her family, her career as a central banker and being a role model.

  • Karen Finerman

    TV personality, hedge fund CEO and author Karen Finerman, W’87, is always ready to tell it like it is.

  • Jamie Moldafsky

    Success has come to Jamie Moldafsky, WG’89, not because of a grand master plan, but because of her ability to be open-minded, to know herself and to leverage her strengths at work she’s enjoyed.

  • Linda Pavy

    Linda Pavy, WG’80, has had tremendous serendipity with career and life. We ask her why.

  • Jacqueline Reses

    Of all the big names and powerful personalities involved in the resurrection of tech titan Yahoo, Jacqueline D. Reses, W’92, is right up there. We talk with her about her own professional and personal experience as a leader.

  • Suzanne Shank

    We ask trailblazer Suzanne Shank, WG’87, about her secrets to work-life integration, about doing business “in the right way,” and about being a “woman leader” and “business leader.”


  • More Education Door to Door

    One year after launching the successful Lifelong Learning Tour, we reflect on the experience and plans for its future.

  • Final Exam

    Typical performance metrics for pro hockey players don’t account for everything happening on the ice. Apply regression analysis for a more accurate picture and score our Final Exam Grand Prize.

  • A Message From the Dean

    The mission of Wharton Executive Education is to create and disseminate relevant and actionable business knowledge to executives.

  • From the Quad: Redefining Leadership

    An undergraduate student learned more about leadership running her own camp than she could have in any traditional internship.

  • Watch List: Social Media

    What are the potentially viral products, services and companies emanating from the Wharton community? In this issue, we present prominent social media presences.

  • 4×1: The Wharton Club Network

    We asked four Wharton Club Network presidents how they have been so successful driving engagement among their alumni groups.

  • Outsider Art

    Sheldon Bonovitz, W’59, and wife Jill’s collection of Outsider Art has gained accolades, especially recently.

  • News Briefs

    The bright future of a social impact prize gets brighter, Wharton partners with a leading insurance company and journalists earn a new scholarship to attend the School.

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