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  • Leadership Training—The Wharton Way

    Fueled by a transformative $10 million gift, the Anne and John McNulty Leadership Program aims to shatter the theory that trailblazers are only born, not made.

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  • Inside the Penn Wharton Budget Model

    With the new interactive website, politicians—and the public—can cut through partisan noise and predict data-driven results of policy decisions.

  • The Power of Age

    Eight distinguished emeritus alumni reflect on shattering Golden Years stereotypes, acting on inspiration, and blazing trails.


  • The Call of the Classroom

    An impactful professor and a personal revelation sent Amit Bhattacharjee C04 W04 GRW12 from business back to academia.

  • The Importance of Being Authentic

    In her book Wired for Authenticity, Henna Inam WG90 explores the personal and professional benefits of being true to yourself.

  • Sofas, Sneakers and Snakebites

    From home furnishings to fashion to life-saving documentaries, a roundup of recent Wharton-powered projects.

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