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The True Trailblazer?

I enjoyed the article on Dr. Oz in the Winter 2010 edition (“The Doctor Is In. And Everywhere,” page 16).

In the Editor’s Letter, Dr. Oz is described as a “joint degree trailblazer” at Penn. I believe that is not quite correct, as I was the first student at Penn to ever accomplish this. I completed both degrees in 1978, which is eight full years earlier than Dr. Oz. There was no joint-degree program at that time, so I simply applied to both schools individually when I was a senior in college. I asked the Wharton School and Penn Medicine if it would be OK if I studied at both schools at the same time, and I had to make up the curriculum as I went along, since there was no precedent for this at Penn.

Five years later, I had completed the two degrees. I could not think of any other university in 1973 that would have allowed me to matriculate in both their medical school and their graduate business program.

Michael Rose, WG’78, M’78

Springfield, NJ

A Good Doctor

Dr. Oz is an inspiration to those of us working to make Americans healthier instead of sicker and poorer.

If MBAs found medicine a calling and doctors embraced the discipline of business, then America’s healthcare system wouldn’t be in crisis, but rather the envy of the world. Dr. Oz embodies the best of both worlds and could be the last best hope for American medicine.

Davis Liu, MD, W’93

Sacramento, CA

A Happy Reader

All I can say is wow!

I received my Wharton Magazine today and started to read it on my way in from the mailbox.  I never made it past my garage. I stood there and read the entire magazine, cover to cover, while my family wondered if I planned to come in for dinner.

I honestly can’t put my finger on what has changed, but whatever it is, it’s fantastic!  I’m eagerly awaiting the next edition (and I’ll pack a snack just in case …).

Michelle Rajotte, WG’07

Director of Operations, MJRC Inc., Dayton, OH

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