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Perhaps no better example of the power of Wharton knowledge exists than Corrado Passera, WG’80, picked by Prime Minister Mario Monti to join his cabinet and steady the Italian economy. If Italy were to go the way of Greece, the Eurozone would wobble, and the world’s financial markets would tremble with it. Best not to think about it and instead wish Minister Passera as much luck as he might need.

Dr. Boediono, GrW’79, is also steering a country through economic trouble; the vice president of Indonesia champions a harmonious economic policy in his home country of Indonesia and across Southeast Asia. As you’ll find in reading our preview of the upcoming Global Alumni Forums (for which Passera and Boediono are playing prominent roles), numerous Wharton alumni are applying their Wharton educations toward real-world consequence as public servants.

Alumni are attempting to right the U.S. healthcare system, innovation by innovation. Read more about it in “A Wharton Prescription for Health Care.”

And as we might expect from Wharton, alumni are having impact in the worlds of banking, private equity, technology and consulting in New York, London, Hong Kong and Dubai, as well as across all fields and national borders.

These leaders of industry, finance, philanthropy and government at once strengthen the Wharton brand and exemplify it, and benefit from it. Their stories are at the heart of a new brand platform focusing on Wharton knowledge and its consequence in the world.

It is with much excitement that we share the genesis of the “Knowledge for Action” campaign in our cover story “Knowledge and Consequence.”


Matthew Brodsky

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