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  • Intelligent Design

    Two years in, we provide an update on the MBA curriculum. It still feels new, but the program has empowered plenty of student success stories already.

Featured Stories

  • Celebrating the Legacy of Thomas S. Robertson

    Thomas S. Robertson became the 12th dean of the Wharton School on Aug. 1, 2007, embarking on a seven-year term that brought unparalleled success to campus and the wider Wharton community.

  • Living up to Youthful Idealism

    Five Wharton alumni share their thoughts about the time they spoke as students at Commencement, and how their words have guided them since.

  • Courage, Caring and Curiosity

    An alum looks back over a successful career and finds his best stories are not about clarity, communication and competence. Instead, they are stories about the courage to do the right thing, about caring when it wasn’t required, and about curiosity to learn about the world and change it for the better.


  • From the Quad: Advise and Take

    Through her many School activities, especially the Peer Advising Fellowship Program, this graduating senior has learned the value of giving.

  • McKinsey: The Brand of Steel

    How can an institution built on trust survive a seemingly complete breach of that very thing?

  • Brand Identity Erosion and the BlackBerry

    BlackBerry is attempting a rebound, and it—and any organization in a similar predicament—ought to think deeply about the creation of their new brand identity.

  • A Message From the Dean

    In his final address to Wharton Magazine readers, Dean Thomas S. Robertson responds to several questions about his future, the direction of the School and business education overall.

  • Wharton Professor Skip Rosoff

    Energized Emeritus

    Professor Skip Rosoff has plenty of plans for the future—perhaps too many!—as he embarks on his emeritus professorship.

  • Lifelong Learning Expands Digitally

    Wharton Lifelong Learning offers myriad opportunities for graduates to continue their Wharton education, and increasingly these offerings are coming through digital channels like webinars, massive open online courses (MooCs) and livestream events.

  • Status Report: New Courses

    Wharton’s faculty propose and approve new and experimental courses every school year. Here are some of the courses that launched during the 2013-14 school year.

  • 4×1: Alumni Memories

    We ask four alumni: What’s their favorite Wharton memory since graduation?

  • Regions: Asia

    An ongoing faculty research project aims at understanding the distinctive leadership skills of individuals running China’s S&P 500-sized, private business enterprises.

  • Regions: EMEA

    Jill Le Grand, G’96, WG’96, devotes herself to her family—and to Disney.

  • Regions: Latin America

    We spotlight the new Penn/Wharton Club of Costa Rica in a Q&A with a local alumni leader.

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