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  • How To Examine Posterior Cingulate Neurons And Influence People

    Professor Michael Platt and the new Wharton Neuroscience Initiative are exploring evolutionary brain science and using high-tech tools to unlock the secrets of human psychology. What does any of that have to do with business? More than you’d guess.

Featured Stories

  • The Blockchain Revolution

    The technology behind cryptocurrencies could transform everything from banking to health care to the music industry. Just ask the Wharton pioneers who are building blockchain’s future.


  • Tools You Need For Better Decision Making

    Professor Katherine Milkman’s course and recommended readings (plus a podcast) examine the choices we make through the lens of behavioral economics.

  • Brothers in Advocacy

    The Wharton 22s are united in supporting gender equality in business school and beyond.

  • By The Numbers: Penn Wharton China Center

    PWCC is hub of business and academic activity in Beijing’s Central Business District and a link for idea exchange between the School and Asia.

  • Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett

    More Than Ever: Wharton

    Geoffrey Garrett announces a new campaign to support the School’s mission of turning ideas into results that matter.

  • How Can Firms Prevent Sexual Harassment?

    While the #MeToo movement has sparked a cultural awakening, addressing the problem of abusive behavior in the workplace is still a complex challenge.

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