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Work Wanted: Protect Your Retirement Plans in Uncertain Times

By James W. Walker and Linda H. Lewis

“The best resource available for professionals interested in planning their older years. Work Wanted makes a persuasive case that we can and should make paid work an important part of our older years. Most of us want to keep some attachment to the work world as we move into the retirement years, and Work Wanted tells us everything we need to know to do so.” – Peter Cappelli, George W. Marshall Professor of Management, Wharton, and author, Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty

If you’re a baby boomer and a professional, chances are you will live far into your 80s or beyond. That means you’ll have 20 or more years to actively work and pursue your interests in retirement.

Work Wanted will help you make those years as valuable as you possibly can. Packed with practical checklists, references and case studies, this book is organized for action, not talk.

In Work Wanted, Drs. James Walker and Linda Lewis explore the myths, falsehoods and obsolete “conventional wisdom” about aging and retirement. Drawing on their experience working with companies and individuals facing these issues, the authors will help you realistically assess the challenges you’ll face in retirement — from your true income needs to your changing goals. They’ll also explain how a growing shortage of experienced workers will give you more workplace leverage than ever before, how you can implement an action plan to keep working at your current company — on your own terms — and how, if you wish, you can reinvent yourself in retirement, pursuing more meaningful work, acquiring new skills and mentoring your new, younger colleagues. Whatever your hopes for retirement, this book will help you stay vital, happy, and healthy — not just for years, but for decades.

Six Rules for Brand Revitalization: Learn How Companies Like McDonald’s Can Re-Energize Their Brands

By Larry Light and Joan Kiddon

“Larry and Joan have laid out a great set of guiding principles for any business executive — whether they are revitalizing a brand or making sure it stays relevant.” – Russ Smyth, CEO, H&R Block; former President, McDonald’s Europe

Are you responsible for reinvigorating your brand to achieve enduring profitable growth? Or keeping your still-strong brand from fading in relevance and value? If so, this book is a “must read,” because it teaches invaluable lessons from one of the most successful brand revitalization projects in business history: The reinvigoration of McDonald’s.

Larry Light, the Global Chief Marketing Officer who spearheaded McDonald’s breakthrough marketing initiatives, presents a systematic blueprint for resurrecting any brand and driving it to unprecedented levels of success. Light and co-author Joan Kiddon illuminate their blueprint with specific examples from Light’s days at McDonald’s, offering detailed “dos” and “don’ts” for everything from market segmentation, to R&D, to executive leadership.

You’ll discover how to refocus your organization around common goals and a common brand promise, restore brand relevance based on a profound knowledge of your customers, and reinvent your total brand experience, leveraging innovation, renovation, marketing and value. Light and Kiddon reveal how to define and measure progress, rebuild brand trust within and outside the organization, create a “plan to win,” and execute that plan to perfection.

About the Authors: Larry Light is Chief Executive Officer of Arcature LLC, a leading global brand consultant. He served as Global Chief Marketing Officer for McDonald’s from 2002 to 2005, the crucial years of its marketing turnaround. Through his experience working with organizations ranging from Nissan to 3M to IBM, he has developed breakthrough principles, concepts, techniques and processes for nurturing, managing and building brands for enduring growth. Light previously served as Executive Vice President at BBDO, Chairman and CEO of the international division of Bates Worldwide, and a member of Bates’ Board of Directors. Joan Kiddon is President and Chief Operating Officer of Arcature LLC. She consulted on McDonald’s key strategic projects during the brand turnaround. Kiddon began her marketing career at BBDO in New York, moving to BBDO/West in Los Angeles, where she served as Director of Market Research. After several years as an independent consultant, she joined Arcature LLC in 1991.

The Network Challenge: Strategy, Profit and Risk in an Interlinked World

By Paul R. Kleindorfer and Yoram (Jerry) Wind

“The theme of network-based strategies and competencies has already become a central element of discourse in business schools and boardrooms around the world. Whether in the context of new governance and leadership challenges from web-based commerce, or in the current financial crisis and its contagion effects, or in the continuing discussions of the costs and risks of unbundling and outsourcing, the subject of network-based business models is full upon us. This book aims to contribute to setting the research agenda on this important theme.”

Thomas S. Robertson, Dean, Wharton, and Frank Brown, Dean, INSEAD

Networks define modern business.

They can both introduce new risks, as evidenced by the rapid spread of contagion in global financial markets, and new opportunities, as seen in the rapid rise of network-based businesses. And while managers typically view business through the lens of a single firm, Kleindorfer and Wind challenge readers to take a broader view of their enterprises and opportunities.

In The Network Challenge, the authors bring together 50 industry leaders to share their thoughts on how to understand, manage and leverage networks. This exciting book offers deep knowledge of networks drawn from decades of research by one of the broadest groups of experts ever assembled. It provides actionable new insights into many facets of the network challenge — from supply chains to social networks, leadership to strategy, risk management to HR, terrorism to infectious disease. The Network Challenge won’t just transform the way you think about networks. It will transform the way you build, use and profit from them.

About the Authors: Paul R. Kleindorfer is Paul Dubrule Professor of Sustainable Development at INSEAD and Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science at Wharton. His research and consulting focuses on pricing, risk management and capacity policies for capital-intensive industries. His current research is concerned with sustainable operations and the impact of climate change policies on carbon-intensive businesses. His publications include some 30 books on pricing, regulation and the foundations of decision-making and risk management, including Decision Sciences: An Integrative Perspective. Yoram (Jerry) Wind is Lauder Professor at Wharton, Director of the SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, and Academic Director of the Wharton Fellows Program. He is internationally known for his pioneering research on organizational buying behavior, market segmentation, conjoint analysis and marketing strategy. He consults with major firms around the world and has lectured at more than 50 universities worldwide. He is founding editor of Wharton School Publishing, a joint venture with Pearson Education, and author of 22 books, including The Power of Impossible Thinking: Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business.

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