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  • Commanding_the_Field_1

    Commanding the Field

    Do Wharton MBA students have true grit? The answer was demonstrated in mid-April when 90 students volunteered to participate in a 24-hour, specially designed Marine Corps boot camp program.

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  • Your_Path_2

    ‘Your Path Will Not Be Predictable’

    At Wharton’s 127th Commencement, Dean Thomas Robertson encouraged graduates to constantly ‘seek new directions’ in order to thrive in a fast-changing world.

  • Connecting_2

    Connecting, Learning, Growing

    Were you there? More than 1,860 alumni, family, and friends returned to campus in mid-May for the Wharton MBA Reunion Weekend.


  • The_Inbox

    The Inbox

    One of the main criticisms that surrounds Wharton is the notion of greed: greed for money and power. How would Wharton handle this in the classroom?

  • Just_a_Stove_1

    Just a Stove? Hardly.

    As Executive Director of the Darfur Stoves Project, Andrée Sosler, WG’08, oversees an organization that delivers highly efficient cooking stoves—and a much-needed sense of security—to thousands of women in embattled Darfur.

  • Doing_Their_Part

    Doing Their Part

    When a massive earthquake rocked their homeland, Wharton’s Japanese students and alumni ended up raising nearly $100,000 for recovery efforts.

  • Wharton_Folly

    Wharton Folly

    Go Forth and Lead Illustration by Brian Ajhar

  • News Briefs

    Wharton-INSEAD Alliance Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Wharton and INSEAD, two of the world’s leading business schools, marked the 10th anniversary of the Wharton-INSEAD Alliance. Launched in 2001, the Alliance combines the resources of the world’s leaders in management education to deliver top-quality business research and education across five dedicated campuses: Wharton’s U.S. campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco, and those of INSEAD in Fontainebleau, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. The anniversary was marked by a gathering in London, and included remarks by economist Jeremy Rifkin, himself a Wharton alumnus. The Alliance offers successful MBA and faculty exchanges between the two schools, connects the large and active alumni communities of both, and offers co-branded open enrollment Executive Education programs, as well as company- specific programs for leading multinational corporations. Wharton School Launches Knowledge@Wharton High School On March 21st, The Wharton School announced the launch of Knowledge@Wharton High School — a free, regularly updated web publication aimed at high school students to promote financial literacy and a deeper understanding of how business works. The site is the first of its kind to be offered by a major university and is the newest member of the Knowledge@Wharton network, a portfolio of online journals offering business analysis and research to a global audience in 189 countries. Knowledge@Wharton High School will present articles on a wide variety of topics that are of interest to teenagers, a glossary of business terms defined by Wharton professors, learning simulations, interactive tools and games, social media components, and a Teachers’ Room where high school teachers can share lesson plans, blogs, and other teaching resources. Thanks to the leadership of Boris Hirmas Said, chairman of Tres Mares Group and former member of the board of Lan Chile, KWHS will launch in both English and Spanish with plans for future language editions. “We […]

  • From_the_Vault

    From the Vault

    Created by three economics majors in 1949, the long-lost Penn tradition known as “Skimmer Day” was initially conceived as a means of increasing sagging support for the crew team.

  • Airplane_on_a_Sunny_Day

    Final Exam

    How much greater or lesser would 2011 income before taxes have been if Jet Philly had been able to classify this lease as an operating lease instead of a capital lease?

  • The_Leader's_Checklist

    ‘The Leader’s Checklist’

    Through the simple step of creating and consistently applying the equivalent of a pilot or surgeon’s checklist, a leader is better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

  • Executive Director’s Letter

    As I go about my day to day on campus, through the classrooms and conference rooms of Huntsman Hall and Steinberg-Dietrich, and out to Wharton’s always supercharged conferences, programs, and networking events, friendly faces ask, “How’s your summer?” implying that the rules of R&R are in full swing. Double-fisting it with BlackBerry and iPhone, glancing at days filled with back-to-back meetings, deadlines, and the ever-present juggling of my children’s sports and social schedules, I respond with a cheerful, “Fine!” Perhaps this sounds familiar. But knowing the Wharton community as I do, I know you’ll make the most of celebrating the season be it work or play. And when you do find time to relax, we bring you the latest edition of Wharton Magazine to help you unwind. Among Wharton’s summer highlights: Commencement 2011 marked the first day of the rest of their lives for 630 undergraduates and 1,000 MBAs. They are entering a business world where the only constant is change. Dean Thomas S. Robertson promoted that message when he predicted that, in 20 years, they would be working in industries that do not now exist. What can for-profit businesses learn from non-profits? A lot, says Wharton Marketing Professor Peter Fader. For starters, non-profits are masters in assembling databases and they are open to academic collaboration. Renewal, Regalement, Remembrance. Wharton’s three-day Reunion in May was…Remarkable. At Dean Robertson’s Town Hall, he described plans for the reinvention of Wharton based on Innovation, Global Presence, and Social Impact. MBA students are gaining leadership skills by participating in Wharton’s Leadership Ventures around the world. We focus on just one of 13 programs— the boot camp experience at the Officer Candidate School at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. Experience a day in the life of Wharton men and women who met the […]

  • Edward_Shils

    Wharton Now

    Dr. Edward B. Shils, founder of the Wharton Entrepreneurial Center and Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurial Management, died on November 14 at the age of 89.

  • Learning from Non-Profits: Being Data Driven

    Non-profits use data to better understand their “customer base.” In this area, big companies with lots of resources can learn from their cash-strapped cousins.

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