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The InboxGlobalization of Business Ethics
Congratulations to Mr. Kurutz on his excellent article. To me, the sadness is that it was a subject that had to be addressed at all. Professor Diana Robertson’s quote that: “We’re all blaming the banks and financial services industry for overly risky behavior, but individuals perpetrated this behavior. We can’t just blame institutions.” is so true, but I would add one further element—GREED—one of the seven deadly sins. This was the driving element behind the entire situation: greed for money and/or greed for power. How would Wharton handle this in the classroom?
David G. Barlow, WG’56

The Good Old/New Days
Wharton was, and I’m sure still is, a fabulous school. I wish when I did the undergraduate program from 1964 to 1968 that I’d been older with more life experience so I could have better availed myself of what they were trying to teach me. Such is, I’m sure, the lament through time of many former 18 to 22-year-olds.

Having owned my own business and garnering lots of experience, I often talk of the possibility of returning for courses. I’m an avid follower of the current economic scene—how it affects our politics and our lives—and I feel that the seed of this interest was planted at Wharton. It just took growing up a bit for the seed to blossom. Thanks for the magazine. I hope to see you in courses online or, if my schedule would ever permit, in Philadelphia.
Dr. Marc T. Schoenfield, W’68

Wharton Rocks is Rocky
Just wanted to let you know that the photo caption for the 2-page photo by Tommy Leonardi on pages 2 and 3 of the spring 2011 issue of Wharton Magazine incorrectly identifies the name of the band and the band members playing at this year’s Wharton Battle of the Bands at World Café Live.

The band in the photo is, in fact, a five-member student group called “Buy Low.” They played second-to-last in the evening just before the faculty band “Brand Equity” performed. The students in the photo are (left to right): Bennett Aquino, WG’11 (drums), Nadim Alameddine, WG’11 (guitar), Alexander Noether, WG’12 (bass), Sabina Sequeira, WG’11 (vocals), and Samir Patodia, WG’11 (vocals/guitar).

They didn’t win the Battle, but they definitely rocked hard and put on an awesome show!
John Zox, WG’11 

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