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The Penn Museum. The Institute of Contemporary Art. The Arthur Ross Gallery. Sure, you can discover plenty of fine art inside buildings around campus. On a glorious summer day, why not find it outside? But where? Take our campus art quiz here and name/locate these eight pieces. Scroll down for answers. 

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  1. Life Savers, Billie Lawless, 1982, Veterinary Hospital entrance at 39th St. 
  2. Peace Symbol, David Linquist, 1967, Van Pelt Library, Blanche Levy Park 
  3. Black Forest, Robinson Fredenthal, 1977, southwest corner, 34th and Walnut St.
  4. Pyramid-Quadrature #1, Robert Engman, Miller Plaza, east side of Hamilton Walk 
  5. John Harrison, Chemist, Lawrence Tenney Stevens, 1932, south of Smith Walk between 33rd and 34th St.
  6. Split Button, Claes Oldenburg, 1981, Woodland Walk, between 34th and 36th St. 
  7. Youthful Franklin, Robert Tait McKenzie, 1914, Weightman Hall 
  8. Hand and tools, Addams Fine Arts Hall gate  
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