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  • Penn Park Grand Opening

    Penn Park features 24 acres of recreation and athletic fields and represents a $46.5 million investment of institutional and donated resources, as well as the application of Wharton research.

Featured Stories

  • Why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    The name of Mayor Michael Nutter, W’79, is being dropped more and more outside of Philadelphia. We talk with him about his relevance in the national political scene, as well as the power and limits of public policy.

  • What Is the Real Cost of Cheap Energy?

    Our public policy debate explores the extent of government’s role, and questions the fairness and transparency of mandating one form of energy over another.

  • The Many Faces of the Mission-Driven

    Wharton students and alumni are playing ever-more prominent and prevalent roles in social impact, thanks to the fundamentals of a Wharton education and the School’s focus on social impact.

  • Making Waves on Their Own Ship

    More Wharton grads are taking the skills they learn—and the connections they make—to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. And some of their startups are receiving a lot of attention.

  • The Private-Equity Diaries

    Private-equity maestro Josh Harris, W’86, leads a team of investors to buy the Philadelphia 76ers. For him, it’s another impending success in a long series of professional and personal victories.

  • Lessons From Tohoku

    The effects of the earthquake of March 2011 have rippled along every link in supply chain management.


  • A Faculty Find

    Zeke Emanuel joins Wharton as one of three new Penn Integrates Knowledge appointments.

  • Bottom Line

    Wharton Doctoral Programs offer a tremendous breadth and depth of business knowledge to empower students’ research interests. Students work with leading faculty in a collaborative environment that offers unmatched opportunities to find their path as scholars and intellectual leaders. They take ownership of their ideas and discover new multidisciplinary research opportunities.

  • Mining Your Mistakes

    A Q&A with Paul J.H. Schoemaker, WG’74, GR’77, research director of Wharton’s Mack Center for Technological Innovation, about his new book Brilliant Mistakes from Wharton Digital Press.

  • 7 Ways Your Smartphone Kills Your Business

    Today’s smartphones enable business leaders to constantly be in contact with the office and access the Internet or the cloud for needed information on the fly. Unfortunately, it is exactly this constant contact and easy access that often overwhelm the positives and make these devices harmful to the leaders’ businesses and lives.

  • The Entrepreneur Give-and-Take

    Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Wharton School’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program (EIR) has been an overwhelming, and copied, success.

  • How to Fund Healthcare Innovation

    It is difficult nowadays to find funding for an early-stage company in the biomedical and biotech field. As speakers at the Annual Wharton Alumni Healthcare Conference explained, the rules of engagement between investors and entrepreneurs have changed since the financial crisis.

  • Conceiving of Executive Education Through Cooperation

    Designed in partnership with the Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL), Business Sustainability Leadership will feature education sessions to teach business leaders about cutting-edge strategy and metrics that increase corporate productivity and competitiveness while preserving the environment.

  • Lifelong Learning Is …

    The Wharton School is transforming and expanding the way it meets the educational needs of its alumni—all of its alumni, throughout their lives.

  • Final Exam

    This issue’s Final Exam challenge: the best way to negotiate for a new job.

  • Starting a Trend?

    Ken Shropshire, the David W. Hauck Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and director of the Wharton Sports Business Initiative, would not discourage Josh Harris, W’86, in his purchase of the Philadelphia 76ers.

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