Winter 2014

Winter 2014

Cover Story

  • A Bounty of Business Plans

    Learning entrepreneurship at Wharton is an experience unlike any other, thanks to the opportunities and resources, the teachers and peers, and the alumni and entrepreneurs themselves.

Featured Stories

  • The 2014 Startups to Watch

    For the third year in a row, we present startups worthy of serious attention from the Wharton community.

  • The Mack Mission

    The Mack Institute for Innovation Management is empowered to revolutionize collaboration and research across campus and across industries. Expect big things to come.

  • Banking on Good Returns

    Social impact finance has come a long way in three decades, in no small part due to the extraordinary work of a number of prominent Wharton graduates. Now the sector is poised to take off, again with the aid of some truly creative initiatives from Wharton alums to rally the investment world toward “sustainable capitalism.”

  • Your Key to the C-Suite

    Big data appears pervasive in today’s business world. Yet in reality, only some companies fully leverage analytics—those with the right understanding, approach and leaders (yes, Wharton alumni).

  • School Love Actually

    Alumni still have a love affair with their alma mater. But the strongest bonds are born when two Whartonites grow lifelong romances with each other on campus.


  • Watch List: Startups

    We spotlight some of the brightest startups with Wharton founders.

  • Office Hours: The Importance of Experimentation

    Consulting an expert is one smart, common approach. But how often do you consider implementing ideas experimentally to find out if they really work or if they are, perhaps, worse than the status quo?

  • A Message From the Dean

    Wharton is striving for an interdisciplinary approach, from degree programs, to graduate school and from research centers to policy centers.

  • ReBlog: The Parting Gift

    A unique global modular course experience leads a group of Wharton students to donate a cow and leave one member of a Rwandan community “happy beyond words.”

  • Lighting up Paris With Talent

    We recap the Wharton Global Forum in Paris, which brought together Wharton faculty and alumni with global business leaders for timely and energetic discourse.

  • 4×1: Student Leaders

    What’s been the top highlight from your time as a student club leader?

  • Regions: Latin America

    We explore the innovative and myriad ways that Wharton’s faculty, students, alumni and executive colleagues gain and use knowledge for global impact in Latin America.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Adil A. Popat

    We explore the innovative and myriad ways that Wharton’s faculty, students, alumni and executive colleagues gain and use knowledge for global impact in EMEA.

  • Regions: Asia

    Blending Wharton classroom concepts with international immersion, Wharton Global Modular courses expose students to new experiences—from Versace’s Milan headquarters in Italy to behind the wheel of a Nissan on a test track in Japan.

  • Busted

    What a 20-year study of Wharton graduates tells us about new choices—and new constraints—for work and family

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