Cover Story

  • Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Match Group North America

    Secrets to Success in Tech

    We speak with technology leaders to understand how they got to where they are in their careers and why they keep coming back for more.

Featured Stories

  • Wharton grad John Sculley

    Don’t Call It a Business Comeback

    John Sculley on entrepreneurship, adaptive innovation, analytics, Wharton and any disruptive field with “tech” in its name.

  • Penn Wharton China Center

    Forward-Operating Base PWCC

    Elegantly designed and loaded with technology, the Penn Wharton China Center is the University’s calling card for the entire region.

  • analytics gives the edge in private, such as with Two Six Capital

    The Pony Here

    In the world of finance, the more investors know about an asset, the greater their competitive advantage. Data science has taken this relationship to new levels in private equity.

  • Maria Baum

    Fit to Be CEO

    Maria Baum tried to retire to a Hamptons beach after success on Wall Street. It didn’t take. So instead, she founded a portfolio of companies and became CEO of Tracy Anderson.


  • Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett

    Applying Uber Analytics

    The source of success at Uber and Airbnb is their use of business analytics. What lessons can all business leaders learn from their examples?

  • To Fear the Fed or Not

    To Fear the Fed or Not

    The Federal Reserve’s authority over the financial system and the money supply is expansive. That power deserves a better public understanding—even engagement.

  • Wharton alumni club holds Career Planning Workshop

    Club to the Career Rescue

    The Wharton Club of Philadelphia holds its annual Career Planning Workshop, but takes a different approach.

  • Wharton’s Dean traveled to 13 cities in his first year in office to listen and learn from alumni.

    Staged Around the World

    Wharton’s Dean traveled to 13 cities in his first year in office to listen and learn from alumni.

  • (left to right) Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett and Wharton alumni Slava Rubin, WCNY President Kenny Beck, Ken Moelis and Howard S. Marks

    Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    The Wharton Club of New York honors some of the School’s most successful and impactful alumni with the Joseph Wharton Awards.

  • Wharton Watch List: Sports

    Wharton Watch List: Sports

    Wharton’s Watch List identifies people, products, services and companies that are worthy of your attention. In this case: sports business professionals.

  • Wharton alum Jean-Manuel Rozan

    Regions: EMEA

    An interview with Jean-Manuel Rozan, co-founder of Qwant, a search engine daring to stand up to Google.

  • Wharton First in India With Startup Competition

    Regions: Asia

    The Wharton India Startup Competition was held exclusively in India for the first time. Wharton students and alumni and top Indian entrepreneurs ensured its success.

  • Wharton entrepreneur Lalit Kalani

    A Call for More Wharton Effect

    We’ve been publishing Wharton Effect tales on a regular basis. We aim to keep the momentum going. So keep sharing, and we’ll keep doing likewise.

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