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  • Add Accounting to Startup Success Formula

    Businesses today may still be using accounting systems first developed in the Renaissance by Venetian merchants, but it pays for 21st century...

  • Final Exam

    Take our challenge and win: An executive at a publicly traded company earned 10,000 shares of restricted stock. How should she vest them?

  • Final Exam

    How can a company’s credit risk get worse yet its accounting net income go up?

  • Final Exam

    How much greater or lesser would 2011 income before taxes have been if Jet Philly had been able to classify this lease as an operating lease...

  • Knowledge@Wharton: Shooting the Messenger

    Quarterly Earnings and the Short-term Pressure to Perform

  • Final Exam

    Think you could still ace your way through Wharton? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

  • Accounting Principles, According to Knutson

    Professor Peter Knutson Wraps Up 31 Years Instructing Students How to Look Behind the Numbers, Or, As He Puts It, “How to Distinguish Reality...

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