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  • Medical Malpractice: Not Significant in Health-care Cost Escalation?

    Recent data shows how little impact medical malpractice actually has on health-care costs. Yet that doesn’t mean we can’t do better.

  • Patently Misguided

    Patents have become a sort of weapon in business warfare. Increasingly, they're being acquired by companies like Google in order to protect their...

  • EXPORTS 2.0

    Exporting American-made goods and services has become a hot topic as the U.S. slowly rebounds from one the worst economic recessions.

  • When to Consider Price Decreases

    I recently conducted a pricing review with a client concerned about the pinch of current economic pressures, as well as consumer behavior and...

  • Do Your Direct Reports Manage as You Want Them To?

    As your company grows, you, as its leader, will inevitably have to delegate a large part of the running of the business to your direct reports....

  • Don’t Know the Answer to a Question? Answer It Twice.

    Seldom does anyone know the right answer. So what do you do? Studies show that computing all guesses and taking the average will improve accuracy....

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