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  • Lessons From a Blockbuster Failure

    "Bad profits" doomed Blockbuster. Other fee-based industry models are ripe for disruption too.

  • Going off Script With References: Pt. 2

    Believe that checking references is a pointless part of recruiting talent? Perhaps these hiring horror stories will change your mind.

  • Going off Script With References: Pt. 1

    In checking references for talent, the higher the position you are looking to fill, the deeper you need to look.

  • A Rant on Derogatory Language

    Harsh terms used to the describe people in the workplace belie all the pious talk from leadership about valuing people and their talents.

  • Meet the New Joseph Wharton Awardees

    Four shining lights from the Wharton alumni community earn distinction for Lifetime Achievement, Leadership, Young Leadership and Social Impact.

  • Seven Lessons for Founders Turned CEOs

    Entrepreneurs face a huge challenge as their leadership role evolves with their companies’ growing success. Are they open to change, cooperation...

  • Alumni Line up to Take Part in EIR

    The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program has connected Penn students with successful entrepreneurs since 2001. This year is no different.

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