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  • Understanding Social Impact and Inspiring Action

    Recommended readings and a TED Talk from a thought-provoking course on urgent societal issues and achieving lasting change

  • Wharton Alums Host Dean Garrett in LA, Chicago

    The Wharton alumni communities in Chicago and Los Angeles met with Dean Geoffrey Garrett during recent Global Conversation Tour stops. See the...

  • More than Shelter Alone

    Wharton Magazine interviews five alumni who have transformed a passion for real estate development into a zeal for social impact—for people...

  • Agassi-Like Ways of Impact Investing

    Social impact, not unlike climate change, is becoming a “risk management filter” for nearly everything every company does.

  • Men on Missions

    Bobby Turner returned to campus for another installment of his Social Impact Executive Speaker Series—this time with KIPP’s Michael Feinberg.

  • Eva Longoria Is Everything

    The actress from the long-running show Desperate Housewives speaks on Penn’s campus about social impact.

  • A Bridge to Philanthropy

    Rap star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges visits Wharton to explain how he has gone from a “money maker” to a money donator and philanthropist.

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