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  • The ENIAC Legacy: Past, Present, and Future

    Penn has a long history of technological innovation. Our electronic world needs its transformative thinking now more than ever.

  • Don Draper Doesn’t Do Data, But He Should

    Four ways for marketing leaders to survive today’s new era of big data and financial impacts, from chief marketing officer David Scott.

  • No Neutrality on the Net’s Peeping Toms

    Professor Myron E. Weiner demands that calls for privacy, profit sharing and regulation grow louder toward the Internet giants.

  • Daniel Feldstein’s Digital Marketing Challenges

    Marketers have tried to figure out digital since the banner ad was invented, yet the pace of innovation in platforms and techniques might be...

  • A Pitch for an Ad Man

    From print to broadcast to digital to social media, Leo Levinson keeps reinventing himself, as has the media industry.

  • Social Media Meets CRM

    New streams of data push marketing in what seem to be innovative directions. Yet the underlying principles are still the same for customer-centric...

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