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  • Banking on Good Returns

    Social impact finance has come a long way in three decades, in no small part due to the extraordinary work of a number of prominent Wharton graduates....

  • Sustaining Selling Success

    “Sustainable selling” can help guarantee a long-term win-win for corporation and client, though it takes a shift from today’s short-term,...

  • Writing the Verses of Sustainable Investing

    The road less traveled for international capitalism would be a alignment toward long-term performance.

  • Hammers, Nails and Sustainable Investing

    Something as simple as a hammer and a nail can provide insight on long-term investing.

  • Aristotle, Adam Smith and Sustainable Investing

    In considering the extraordinary complexity of the intersection of politics, policy and economics, it might be instructive to consider the works...

  • Diversity: ‘An Economic Imperative’

    In the world of business and finance, to establish truly sustainable business models and lasting competitive advantage, diversity must be recognized...

  • The Value of Sustainable Investing

    In light of the tragic events unfolding in Japan and across the world this past week, it seemed appropriate to revisit another recent crisis...

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