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  • The Forces Shaping Modern Finance

    How politics, laws, and our past affect how we manage money

  • Remembering “Lehman Weekend”: Where Are the Risks Now?

    Dean Geoffrey Garrett moderated a panel of Wharton alumni who were on the front lines of the financial crisis ten years ago to discuss that historic...

  • Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz

    We speak with Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, G’74, GR’78, about her family, her career as a central banker and being a role model.

  • Ethics Beyond Borders

    Globalization, technology and the integration of markets have created a frightening new frontier in the realm of business ethics. So how can...

  • Exploring the Crisis, Explaining Dodd-Frank

    Why does the nation need the Dodd-Frank Act? During an August appearance at Wharton, a top Obama administration official tried to answer that...

  • Changed Forever?

    The retail sector has been changed dramatically by the economic downturn. But are those changes permanent? Experts and industry insiders say...

  • A Dizzying Downturn

    From Midtown to Downtown, experts agree: Manhattan's commercial real estate market is a mess. But are better days ahead?

  • Back Home in the Senate

    Ted Kaufman spent more than 20 years working behind the scenes for Sen. Joe Biden. Now Kaufman is front and center, serving as the freshman Senator...

  • Leadership Spotlight: Robert Wolf, W’84

    By Tim Hyland By the time Robert Wolf got the phone call from Barack Obama last November, it had become frighteningly clear just how troubled...

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