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  • Finding Virtue in Private Equity

    The industry’s investors often are portrayed as greedy corporate raiders, but a new study argues the opposite may be true.

  • Become a More Strategic Leader by Conveying Strategic Intent

    The six keys to leadership in Harbir Singh and Michael Useem's new book, The Strategic Leader's Roadmap.

  • Learn Leadership in New Wharton Research

    Faculty report about their latest Wharton research on the leadership style of top Chinese private business heads.

  • The Mack Mission

    The Mack Institute for Innovation Management is empowered to revolutionize collaboration and research across campus and across industries. Expect...

  • Regions: Latin America

    We explore the innovative and myriad ways that Wharton's faculty, students, alumni and executive colleagues gain and use knowledge for global...

  • Academic Encounters of A Global Kind

    Wharton’s Global Modular Courses have been a hit since their start in 2010, delivering a new and varied experiential curriculum around the...

  • Building a 21st Century Institute

    The Mack Institute for Innovation Management has become a hub for innovation-related research at the Wharton School and beyond.

  • Knowledge and Consequence

    Wharton turns the brand lens on itself and finds that “knowledge for action” sets the School apart.

  • A Faculty Find

    Zeke Emanuel joins Wharton as one of three new Penn Integrates Knowledge appointments.

  • Wharton Exec Education Starts Accelerated Program in India

    Wharton’s new Accelerated Development Program (ADP), is a nondegree business certificate for high-potential business executives in India.

  • Purpose, Pragmatism and People

    Indian Business Leaders Do Things Their Own Way -- 'The India Way'

  • Prof. Harbir Singh Is New Vice Dean for Global Initiatives

    Professor Harbir Singh will champion the School’s global research and education efforts as well as coordinate the School’s globalization...

  • School Update

    Wharton News

  • Making Mega-Mergers Work

    Big Acquisitions Are Transforming Banking and Other Industries. Will These Deals Work? The Answer May Lie in Managers’ Heads — and Policy...

  • Malleable Corporations

    Are Skills in Mergers, Alliances, and Rapid Transformation Becoming the Most Crucial Competency for the 21st Century?

  • Research Wire

    Recent Projects from Wharton Faculty

  • The Urge to Merge

    Strategic Realignments, new technologies and a raging bull market caused a frenzy of M&A activity in 1995. What have we learned from it,...

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