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  • 10 Insights From Wharton Dean’s Global Year

    What does America have to offer and learn from the world? Wharton’s dean has some answers.

  • Going Global With SMEs and OTCs

    Investors and companies going global now confront a world where local small or medium-sized enterprises and over-the-counter exchanges are proliferating.

  • Forward-Operating Base PWCC

    Elegantly designed and loaded with technology, the Penn Wharton China Center is the University's calling card for the entire region.

  • Regions: Asia

    The Wharton India Startup Competition was held exclusively in India for the first time. Wharton students and alumni and top Indian entrepreneurs...

  • What to Worry About With China

    Wharton's dean makes the case that the recent stock market troubles in China shouldn’t be what we worry about.

  • Wharton Alumni Traveling to Agoda

    In our latest Wharton Effect installment, we find an international Internet company with a small but growing cluster of Wharton alumni in its...

  • Giving Shelter to Shut out Slavery

    Wharton student Sindhura Sarikonda runs a nonprofit to save young women from slavery and give them marketable skills to escape extreme poverty.

  • The Wharton Effect for Social Impact

    Philip Wilson forged a partnership between his social enterprise and Microsoft, only to discover a key decision-maker was a fellow Wharton grad....

  • Wharton Business Students Target Success in Latin America

    Businesses face big challenges if they want to succeed in Latin America. Wharton students put their heads together to understand and solve them.

  • Fighting Job Market Barriers With a CV

    Anonymizing job applications and CVs is one simple step to fighting proven barriers to equal treatment and job market opportunities in Europe,...

  • 3 Reasons India Isn’t the ‘Next China’

    Can India turbocharge its economic growth, even surpass China? Wharton’s Dean Geoffrey Garrett has two reasons the answer could be yes, one...

  • Seeing the Startup Nation Firsthand

    What's the reason behind the startup nation's entrepreneurial mindset? Our correspondent returned from Israel with an answer: the concept of...

  • Impact Investing for Peace?

    It’s time to change the narrative about how we discuss peacebuilding and development by bringing impact social enterprises into the conversation.

  • 3 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Africa

    Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett tells U.S. businesses: Now's a good time to look seriously at Africa.

  • The Next Generation Inherits the Earth

    The Wharton School and the World Bank partner on a revolutionary approach to engaging young adults in the future of the planet.

  • Ideas for Action in Lima

    We went backstage with Team Pennsurance, winners of the Ideas for Action competition, as they presented at the World Bank/IMF annual meeting...

  • Regions: Latin America

    An interview with Edith Aviles de Kostes, head of corporate and institutional banking for BNP Paribas in Hispanic Latin America.

  • Regions: Asia

    A recent Wharton Global Modular Course brought students, faculty and alumni closer to ASEAN. Read an alumni participant's key takeaways.

  • Two Observations on East Asia Challenges

    How will East Asia respond to challenges like slower Chinese growth and higher U.S. interest rates? Hopefully with more economic cooperation.

  • ‘Any Day Now’ for Africa Business Is Today

    Wharton alumna Aubrey Hruby discusses motivations for co-writing "The Next Africa," as well as why readers should read this Africa business book.

  • Get a ‘GRIP’ on Wharton’s Alumni Network

    A junior travels to India and China during the Global Research Internship Program and connects with Wharton alumni who treat him like an "old...

  • The Next Generation Inherits the Earth

    The Wharton School and the World Bank partner on a revolutionary approach to engaging young adults in the future of the planet.

  • Seeking ‘Bigger Deal’ in Public Service

    People who think the private sector is always more efficient and exciting than the public sector haven’t met Wharton grad Jane-Frances Kelly.

  • State of the European Market

    Wharton's dean sits with Wharton alumni to discuss the state of the European markets during a Global Conversations Tour stop in London.

  • China’s E-Commerce Key to Soft Landing?

    Wharton’s dean makes the case for why China's future is in the hands of its consumers and e-commerce, and the tech and retail companies looking...

  • Wharton Dean Takes Conversation to Asia

    Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett travels to Tokyo and Seoul as part of the ongoing Global Conversations Tour. Take a look at photo highlights here.

  • The 10 Commandments of Globalization

    The process of business globalization is complex and dense with obstacles, but general rules (commandments) of globalization do exist. In fact,...

  • Business Skills for the Desert Island

    Lauder alumna Jennifer Leonard recounts when she found herself and her Wharton business skills in a new industry in “the middle of nowhere.”...

  • Password Wharton

    Getting funny looks in a foreign central bank? Just mention what business school you went to. That's what Robert Bosch Fellow Michael Paranal...

  • 3 Ways Business School Is Like the Business World

    Wharton faces the same macro forces that businesses confront, while tackling strategy and execution in ways that could inform private enterprise.

  • The Road From Cuba to MOOCs

    Wharton’s online journal of business analysis launches a new line of e-books for business leaders.

  • Where to Grow International Business

    Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett makes the case for how Americans should grow international business in the 21st century—by going to the world,...

  • Alum Catherine Grossman: The Wharton Effect

    Watch Catherine Grossman WG80, credit executive at J.P. Morgan, share how the Wharton Effect has broadened her horizons by helping her go global...

  • Wharton Effect: Julio Leung

    Julio Leung recalls his Wharton Effect moment: an encounter with a Wharton alum who was driven by “curiosity about what’s coming to him as...

  • Hard Social Enterprise Lessons in Africa

    A social enterprise bootcamp in Africa teaches entrepreneurs to thrive without relying on traditional donor funding. Michael Goldberg helped...

  • Wharton Alum’s Cuba Adventures Shape Life

    Wharton alum Ken Cardoza recalls “Wharton Effect” moments from his undergrad career—summers at the University of Havana—and how they...

  • Wharton Effect: Caren Sinclair-Kay

    Watch technology entrepreneur, executive, advisor and Wharton alum Caren Sinclair-Kay shares her Wharton Effect story of how the School transformed...

  • Learn Leadership in New Wharton Research

    Faculty report about their latest Wharton research on the leadership style of top Chinese private business heads.

  • Wharton Global Forum Bangkok 2015

    The Wharton Global Forum Bangkok provided a venue for business, academia and government leaders to explore strategies, risks and aspirations...

  • Seeing the Light of the U.S.–China Relationship

    Two things you need to know about the two biggest economies.

  • Export Advantage Despite a Rising Dollar: Part 2

    How can U.S. companies compete in the international export space? Try reducing their focus on price and not treating foreign buyers as second-class...

  • Maintaining Export Advantage in the Face of a Rising Dollar

    How can U.S. companies maintain their competitive position in the international export space? Alexander Gordin counts fives ways.

  • Connecting the Dots in My Global Startup Career

    Two years beyond graduation, Andrew Dunn is back to share what he’s learned so far on his entrepreneurial journey around the world.

  • Wharton Global Forum Beijing 2014 Highlights

    The Wharton Global Forum Beijing presented a sweeping range of keynotes, panel discussions and workshops surrounding the theme Growth Through...

  • Lasting Business Legacies of the First World War

    How the Great War and its aftermath had significant and enduring impacts upon private enterprise.

  • Supreme Court Decision Confronts Argentina With New Finance Challenge

    Sovereign debt now threatens to cripple international economic development after a recent U.S. court ruling, writes expert Emmanuel D. Hatzakis.

  • Regions: Asia

    An ongoing faculty research project aims at understanding the distinctive leadership skills of individuals running China’s S&P 500-sized, private...

  • Mobile and Mobilized

    Mobile computing devices, already ubiquitous, are still growing in their relevance and involvement in our lives. In fact, the mobile revolution...

  • South Africa Bound

    Faculty International Seminars gives Wharton faculty exposure to the emerging Kenyan and South African economies. What new insights will find...

  • EXPORTS 2.0

    Exporting American-made goods and services has become a hot topic as the U.S. slowly rebounds from one the worst economic recessions.

  • Team Building: A Need That Crosses Borders

    A professor at Tsinghua professor shares his experience with Desert Survival, a team-building simulation that involves survivors of a plane crash...

  • Wharton Then and Now

    Alums on how Wharton has changed – or not – over the last half-century.

  • Wharton Around the World

    Cross-Cultural Conflicts in China and Russia

  • Dean’s Message

    A New Partnership

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