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  • Meet the New Joseph Wharton Awardees

    Four shining lights from the Wharton alumni community earn distinction for Lifetime Achievement, Leadership, Young Leadership and Social Impact.

  • At the Corner of Business Economics and Public Policy

    Two prominent alumni are shaping public policy around the world, and will be talking about it at our upcoming Global Alumni Forums.

  • Zurich Global Alumni Forum

    Beneath Zurich’s charming old world façade is a city shaped by tremendous economic activity, a fitting backdrop for the Zurich Global Alumni...

  • A Banking Dynasty into the 21st Century: Jacob Wallenberg

    The Wallenberg name is synonymous with Swedish banking and industry, but Jacob Wallenberg’s own watchword is development. As chairman of Investor...

  • 100 Plus 25

    In honor of Wharton’s 125th Anniversary, Centennial graduates reflect on changes in their lives and the world since 1981.

  • Reunion 1996

    Wharton Alumni returned to campus in May

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