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  • What Your Words Say About You

    At the Wharton Behavioral Insights in Text Conference, researchers shared best practices for deriving hidden meaning from language.

  • Inside the Curious Mind of Jonah Berger

    What inspires an expert on virality and social influence? The professor and best‑selling author opens up.

  • Digging Into Online Sharing With Jonah Berger

    An interview with the lead editor of Digg and Wharton Marketing Professor Jonah Berger about online sharing and virality.

  • Thriving in the ‘Wharton Effect’

    The power of Wharton. It gives graduates the ability to thrive in the spotlight. A place alumni tend to boldly seek out. How have you felt the...

  • Catching up With Catching on

    Wharton author and professor Jonah Berger blows into the Windy City to offer insights as to why trends, products and ideas go viral.

  • Go Viral at Will

    Professor Jonah Berger’s upcoming book upturns conventional wisdom about how to make your products, services and ideas “contagious.”

  • And It Begins …

    A first-year MBA’s first week at Wharton.

  • Life as a Research Assistant

    Valuable relationships are forged every day between student and professor at Wharton, particularly when you're studying other people's behavior.

  • Cooking up Something Special at Iron Prof 2011

    Wharton professors who compete in the annual Iron Prof event are an even rarer breed. Their research must be pioneering in their respective fields,...

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