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  • Alumni Club Honors Entrepreneurial Pioneer

    The leaders of the Wharton Club of D.C. launched a new award to honor female entrepreneurs. They couldn’t have started with a better recipient.

  • Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    A handful of Wharton grads—leaders in their respective fields—earn distinction in one of the longest-running alumni awards programs.

  • Making Wharton the Sustainability Leader

    International social impact star Durreen Shahnaz calls on her fellow Wharton alumni to help her pioneer a "third way" of finance for good.

  • Meet the New Joseph Wharton Awardees

    Four shining lights from the Wharton alumni community earn distinction for Lifetime Achievement, Leadership, Young Leadership and Social Impact.

  • Handing out the Joseph Wharton Awards

    The Joseph Wharton Awards Dinner at the Wharton Club of New York was a big-name event. Beyond the attendees were award winners, business leaders...

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