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  • The Blockchain Revolution

    The technology behind cryptocurrencies could transform everything from banking to health care to the music industry. Just ask the Wharton pioneers...

  • Podcast: Wharton Faculty on President Trump’s First 100 Days

    Listen to a special one-hour discussion of Donald Trump's impact on business and public policy, hosted by Peter Cappelli.

  • Analyzing President Donald Trump’s Policies

    To interpret what we’ve seen so far and anticipate where we may be headed, we asked an expert panel of Wharton professors to examine his policies...

  • Ideas From Knowledge@Wharton

    For the Love of Games? James Madison, and Your Animal Brain.

  • The Gamification Toolkit: For the Win

    Read an excerpt from the new Wharton Digital Press book that provides readers with the tools to take gamification to the next level.

  • Some Friendly Advice for Uber and Its Compatriots

    Internet-based companies tend to claim instinctively that they belong outside traditional legal regimes. This position often fails—for good...

  • Regulation & Uber, Airbnb & Nest

    Today’s disruptive innovators may believe they belong outside traditional regulation. They don’t, and we’ll be better off for it, writes...

  • Beyond Digital

    The speed of past technological change pales in comparison to the speed of future change. Even digital is about to become passé.

  • Hanging up on the Phone Network

    Before ditching your wireline, consider what happened in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and the implications for universal connectivity.

  • Innovation Equals More Than Technology

    It’s time to think about innovation in broader terms than just new technology. Government especially needs to be in the conversation.

  • In the Way of Innovation?

    What is the proper role of government in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship ... if any? A panel at the Wharton Economic Summit 2013...

  • Let the Games Begin

    At Deloitte, Microsoft, the White House and beyond, gamification is being applied to virtually every area of business.

  • For the Win

    The latest book from Wharton Digital Press explains how to stir others’ competitive juices for business success.

  • The End of College Education?

    Will Coursera change the face of higher education as we know it?

  • Applying Lifelong Learning to Sustainability

    A Philadelphia Wharton alumna reports back from her Lifelong Learning experience.

  • It’s All Fun and Games

    Kevin Werbach explains how making tasks into games can change results.

  • First Tour Stops Exceed Expectations

    The Knowledge for Action Lifelong Learning Tour launched on the West Coast and is bringing the Wharton classroom experience to a city near you.

  • Opening Our Eyes and MOOC-ing to the Future

    Penn and other elite centers of higher education are poised to take an innovative leap with Coursera.

  • Digital Content: The Half-Full Glass

    Digital distribution is a success, although proposed legislation in Congress might make you wonder if Internet downloading has been a giant disaster...

  • Digital Content: The Half-Full Glass

    Digital distribution is a success, although proposed legislation in Congress might make you wonder if Internet downloading has been a giant disaster...

  • Patently Misguided

    Patents have become a sort of weapon in business warfare. Increasingly, they're being acquired by companies like Google in order to protect their...

  • Let’s Play a Game

    Wharton gamification guru Kevin Werbach charts the rise of the gamification business trend.

  • Revolution Abroad, Revolution at Home?

    As I write this, the spark of revolution in the Middle East that began in Tunisia and toppled the leader of Egypt has spread to Bahrain and Libya....

  • Telepresence: Reach Out and Touch Someone

    Welcome to the age of ‘telepresence.’ Videoconferencing has been around for years, but telepresence takes it to a new level of richness and...

  • Network Neutrality and the False Choice Between Competition and Regulation

    The hottest topic in Internet and communications policy these days is network neutrality. An intense battle rages between the FCC and broadband...

  • Knowledge@Wharton

    How About Free? The Price Point That is Turning Industries on Their Heads

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