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  • How Restaurants Bite Into Price Research

    Panic pricing and infrequent reviewed are not ingredients for strategic price research for restaurants. Read on for more nuanced guidance.

  • Pricing and Year-end Budgeting

    How to budget for the new year to accomplish all of your pricing goals.

  • Sympathy for Inflation

    Should restaurants and other retail shops announce price increases?

  • The Price of Communications

    How open, clear discussions in the retail industry about price can add credibility to client recommendations.

  • Marketing & Value Lessons From Red Mango’s Dan Kim

    At the National Restaurant Association Marketing Executives Group (MEG) conference, the keynote speech from Dan Kim, founder of Red Mango, was...

  • When Did You Last Raise Prices?

    I regularly work with clients seeking guidance on increasing prices as costs rise. So it stands out when a merchant tells me they have not raised...

  • Incremental Pricing Should Drive Profit

    In terms of pricing at restaurants, the more the better. The restaurant brings in more dollar margin, and the guest gets a better deal. Thinking...

  • When to Consider Price Decreases

    I recently conducted a pricing review with a client concerned about the pinch of current economic pressures, as well as consumer behavior and...

  • The Value of Price Meetings

    It’s tempting to simply compile data, crunch numbers and make decisions at the corporate level about pricing, but it's also important to build...

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