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  • Inside the Curious Mind of Jonah Berger

    What inspires an expert on virality and social influence? The professor and best‑selling author opens up.

  • ‘A Guy with Crazy Hair’ Returns to Penn

    Malcolm Gladwell recaptures the affection of a Penn audience with a discussion of power structures, Goliath and the IRS.

  • Two Great Reads on Entrepreneurship and Risk

    The risks of starting your own company are many. Is that why successful entrepreneurs tend to be risk averse?

  • Go Viral at Will

    Professor Jonah Berger’s upcoming book upturns conventional wisdom about how to make your products, services and ideas “contagious.”

  • Learning at Best

    Students—and faculty—learn in a variety of ways at Wharton, from the case method, to “driving at 100 mph” to ice hockey.

  • Finding True Grit

    Achievement equals talent multiplied by effort (plus 10,000 hours of practice).

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