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  • Winners and Losers in Health Care Mergers

    Are recent health care mergers a good thing? Who are the winners and losers in these deals? Jeff Voigt finds answers in research on past consolidations.

  • Hedge Funds Can Still Manipulate Corporate Law

    A Delaware court upholds Appraisal Arbitrage, and that’s bad news for the average investor and market efficiency, explains Maurice Lefkort.

  • Alibaba and the New Plaintiffs Bar Deterrent

    Stockholder plaintiffs demand a ransom for each public M&A transaction. Lawyer Maurice Lefkort offers two responses, including one from the recent...

  • Making Mega-Mergers Work

    Big Acquisitions Are Transforming Banking and Other Industries. Will These Deals Work? The Answer May Lie in Managers’ Heads — and Policy...

  • With a Little Help from Their Friends

    Looking for Talent? Check out 'The Network'

  • Wharton Impact

    Driving Change

  • Malleable Corporations

    Are Skills in Mergers, Alliances, and Rapid Transformation Becoming the Most Crucial Competency for the 21st Century?

  • War of the Wires

    With the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, telecom companies are gearing up for the competitive battle of their lives

  • The Urge to Merge

    Strategic Realignments, new technologies and a raging bull market caused a frenzy of M&A activity in 1995. What have we learned from it,...

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