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  • Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    The Wharton Club of New York honors some of the School's most successful and impactful alumni with the Joseph Wharton Awards.

  • Honoring Wharton’s Greatest Assets

    A handful of Wharton grads—leaders in their respective fields—earn distinction in one of the longest-running alumni awards programs.

  • The Philly Renaissance

    Innovation and quality of life turn the city into a major draw.

  • ‘FastFWDing’ Public-Private Partnerships

    The Wharton Social Impact Initiative helps Philadelphia score a huge victory in the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge.

  • Thoughts From a Man Named Michael

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, W’79, encourages students to mentor, lead and help the less fortunate in their own backyard.

  • Feeling the Social Impact at Wharton

    A Wharton undergrad experiences social impact from the inside out, including work with Philadelphia City Government, the Bloomberg Philanthropies,...

  • Working to Keep Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia

    A Wharton alumnus returns to West Philly to help area entrepreneurs.

  • Why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    The name of Mayor Michael Nutter, W’79, is being dropped more and more outside of Philadelphia. We talk with him about his relevance in the...

  • Penn Park Grand Opening

    Penn Park features 24 acres of recreation and athletic fields and represents a $46.5 million investment of institutional and donated resources,...

  • Wharton Now

    School News

  • Wharton Now

    Warren Buffett Hosts Wharton Students, Global Alumni Forums, Global Alumni Forum in Ho Chi Minh City, New Online Alumni Community Launched, Global...

  • Philadelphia’s New Mayor

    Michael Nutter, W’79, is serious about doing the right thing.

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