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  • How Companies Can Create Lasting Customer Relationships

    Read an excerpt from Connected Strategy, the upcoming book by Mack Institute Co-directors Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch

  • Close Counts in the Wharton Business Plan Competition

    We catch up with BPC alum and successful Wharton influencer David Kreiger, who makes it his business to connect fellow entrepreneurs.

  • The Mack Mission

    The Mack Institute for Innovation Management is empowered to revolutionize collaboration and research across campus and across industries. Expect...

  • Building a 21st Century Institute

    The Mack Institute for Innovation Management has become a hub for innovation-related research at the Wharton School and beyond.

  • Tasting Germany

    Alumni convene for a capstone meeting of the Wharton Club of Germany and Austria and provide an example for other clubs of how reconnecting is...

  • The Eurozone Showdown

    The Wharton School Global Summit proved to be a successful experiment in business education, about the perhaps not-so-successful eurozone experiment.

  • Knowledge@Wharton

    Revisiting the ‘Part-Whole’ Relationship of Firms and How It Impacts Competitive Strategy

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