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  • Brazil’s Two Brands

    Can a two-sided nation improve its ranking in the world? And why should it care?

  • Not Just Any Weekend at the Olympics

    First impressions after a return from London, about facility construction, security and organization, NBC and spoiler alerts, and branding.

  • The Olympians of Wharton

    Throughout the years, a surprising number of the Wharton community have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of Olympic glory.

  • Will Marketers Ambush the London Games?

    The London Games and its sponsors are trying to protect themselves from ambush marketing—is that even possible?

  • Marketing Vs. Economics

    The difference between marketing and economics is the difference between gymnastics and Nik Wallenda’s high-wire act, between being grounded...

  • Wharton Olympians Show Their “Medal”

    A Wrestler, a Rower and a Fencer Report on Victory, Defeat and Lessons Learned

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