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  • 3 Reasons India Isn’t the ‘Next China’

    Can India turbocharge its economic growth, even surpass China? Wharton’s Dean Geoffrey Garrett has two reasons the answer could be yes, one...

  • Two Observations on East Asia Challenges

    How will East Asia respond to challenges like slower Chinese growth and higher U.S. interest rates? Hopefully with more economic cooperation.

  • 3 Ways Business School Is Like the Business World

    Wharton faces the same macro forces that businesses confront, while tackling strategy and execution in ways that could inform private enterprise.

  • Regions: Asia

    The Penn Wharton China Center celebrated its opening and promises to enhance learning and research opportunities for faculty, students, alumni...

  • Seeing the Light of the U.S.–China Relationship

    Two things you need to know about the two biggest economies.

  • Penn Wharton China Center Launched

    View the sights from the Penn Wharton China Center launch event in Beijing in March.

  • Regions: Asia

    We asked Club President Marvin Mao five things you ought to know about the Wharton Club of Beijing.

  • A Message From The Dean

    As a member of the Wharton community, you know that today’s economic systems are interconnected and the diffusion of good ideas is widespread...

  • Our Three Priorities for 2013

    The chairman of the Wharton Alumni Executive Board reports back on Wharton's top three priorities in the New Year.

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